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This evening at six pm. Correct. Melby network out. Yup. Yup. And they say, oh, Marianne Rivera could be the first unanimous voter getting all votes, right? There was one kind of tool guy who said he wasn't going to vote for refraining from voting lately, I believe so then is that really one hundred percent. One hundred percent of the people that voted, and then I know you're gonna think I'm being stupid here. This is a real no, I think that a lot. Or are you could answer. Yeah. Babe Ruth didn't get one hundred percent of votes. Not nor did Mickey Mantle nor did Kim Griffey junior. That's visa closest I believe nine nine hundred. Right. Right. Exactly. Because there are those idiots out there that believe no one should get out of the fish up, but back in Babe Ruth era. There were like twelve guys playing baseball guys. But he had a home runs more than teams at home runs. Don't know. And there was like two newspapers in the country. They probably didn't believe that. He was doing what he was doing because there was no internet. How is a guy? Like right about that a guy in internet guy in Cleveland house. He ever watching Babe Ruth play. There's no TV. Listening radio, I suppose, that's where all these fake Babe Ruth stories came from. Well, I mean, they are detailed. We don't know that we don't know anything. They've Ruth wants hit a ball over nineteen neighborhoods says who will no one ever said back saw it. He did live in an orphanage. We do know that. We did hear about the orphanage. He was a fat guy playing ball guess slam. Cigarettes runs we have photos, although he was hitting home runs, and you get like in my little league, we played in the back of Colonia junior high school, and there were no fences. So you hit a ball in the gap was a home run. Well, we've done this before you believe that the theory is that home runs when Babe Ruth I started when he bounced over the fence were considered home runs. So does this mean that Marianna were varies the greatest ballplayer of all time? It does not he's gotten more votes than Ken Griffey junior. And baby just means he'll be the first one where everybody votes for him that voted. That's all it means. Okay. Disclosure of all time greatest baseball player. I would say, no. Ken Griffey junior. So the best I've ever seen is that right? Yes. I would say so is he the greatest Yankee though of all time.

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