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Into a game. If Doc was doing it. Or if I hear his voice, I'm staying with it a little bit longer. Yes, he growing up. Ah Yankee Fan in New Jersey. Phil Rizzuto was essentially the voice of baseball for bay, and as much of you is like, a character and like, that's funny as he was. He was sort of the that to me. He sounded like what baseball was supposed to sound like. I was just listening to meatloaf's bat out of hell. It came on the radio, and you have the baseball call because it's about a guy and a girl in a car and he's treating it like it's a baseball game. First base second base there be You know what I'm talking about? Yes, done. I used to really like Ralph Kinder and Bob Murphy and the old Nets days. Even Lindsey Nelson goes a little further back. But that just brought me back to a lot of childhood memories. I thought they were really fun Team but a national broadcaster. Not a local one, because we, you know we grew up with the local one. I had Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall on the Reds games, and they were great but a national voice that's different. Um, And that's where I have Keith Jackson. It was just something about when Keith came on. He had that excitement had that twang and it felt like he truly enjoyed the gang. I am a club when they pulled Brent Mussburger at the end off college football. I kind of missed that I thought he liked, he said. Big game. Um, I always liked him better. Is this studio host, But yeah, I I understand that, Um, where you You know, Johnny Miller in golf is another voice. Where? When I heard it, it always sounded. It was just different because I didn't think Johnny was going to Throw verbal bouquets at every golfer like I thought that he was going to tell you what his aren't unvarnished opinion and and I was appreciated that but there's there's so many broadcasters down through the years that you know you just hear that voice and you go. You know when Howard Cosell Howard Cosell was That was a unique voice. It wasn't it wasn't a trained voice. But he rivaled the game that he was doing or boxing match. Probably more. So is a boxing commentator. Then what he did in the booth because he wasn't a football guy. But in boxing, it felt like he was more of a boxing guy because his relationship with Mohammed Ali Ah, let me see Taylor in South Dakota. Hey, Taylor, what's on your mind? Hey, Dan. I'm not in 1002nd time. Like all the second time I got it. Anyway, Um I think I think that I'm a first off on a big rebate. Pakistan. I haven't proposed a little kid. But I think if Tom Brady goes into Lambeau heathen rockers and then faces my homes in the Super Bowl. And six of the cell and bit more homes in the Super Bowl. It could just kind of watch his hands to be like I did. I went on the road. I want all three games on the road in the playoff. I need that supposes. Second past 12 in the league and I need my home. The guy you think is the guy everybody thinks is the cake. Yeah. Yeah, agrees. I mean that. I don't think anybody will have gone through. Three quarterbacks, three Hall of Fame quarterbacks in succession and first Ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks. My home's Rodgers Brees. If if it happened now, you could say, well breeze. At the end of his career. Rogers is playing at an all time high and we don't how about we? How about we wait and see what happens? Let's go right now. We gotta have a hot take. This. This would be as impressive as anything Brady ever accomplished. But let's see if he gets through the Green Bay Packers right now. Yes, the club You mean rolling through the F C e spells and mag Media overrated Colts team would feasted on the F C South..

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