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ST Petersburg, 51 in Palm Harbor and 52 letters. Severe weather Station News radio w F L A Next update at 5 15 on Chris Trackman. This'll is am Tampa Bay kicking back and talking to Jack Harris and Aaron Jacobson, whose radio telling you f l A. Oh, you sexist You forgot the Lady's unbelievable. Probably in a better mood than you and I are today. Oh, yeah, certainly are. We got TV problems in here? No. You know, it was like Congress is in charge of our TV sets in here. We got six TV sets in here. So I could watch news and other things going on, and they used to all work fine. Ever. Just like regular TV. There is no problem with them and It was like Congress is in charge of the smallest room all up because they all work so well or Felix Vega and they did well, Felix keeps changing them. I don't know if that's for sure. I'm going to do an investigation today on my investigation is just gonna be asking Felix if he changes the TV station like to know why I promise you he does. We had TV search of work Great, And then they put these little boxes on top and different numbers that you have to put in and all kinds of Nonsense like that. So it was like they had something that worked beautifully. And like I say, it's like Congress in charge of Let's screw Mall up. No, Jason did it. Jake got CNN on right in front of MSNBC. We couldn't get it off. So now I just turn the TV off. It's It's mayhem in here. It's very distracting. Anyway, I think it's 10 after staking five. Let's check out traffic with John Thomas..

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