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Dominion jewelers in the heart of false church we make it beautiful you make it yours By appointment only In the traffic center On a road work on 66 now but they're starting to set up as well on the outer loop of the beltway approaching 66 You get by two lanes to the left approaching 66 on the outer loop On 66 single right lane gets by westbound approaching and passing the beltway and then at route 52 left lanes get by and route 28 two right lanes get by then you're down to a single lane headed west of centerville toward manassas before suddenly road single left lane is getting past the works on And eastbound 66 between nutley and the beltway to right lanes are getting past the works on there They're also working on the ramp from eastbound 66 to the interloop left wing gets by and interloop wraps to 66 both east and westbound are closed three 95 and 95 each doing all right though In Maryland on two 70 North Island Bucky's town at X and 31 route 85 you get by the works on single file to the left 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway each running well between the beltways crashed on the outer loop at route one college park is cleared and 50 runs off to the bay bridge without delay Your health is a priority at silver diner They have installed new hospital grade air purification systems in all 18 locations visits over diner dot com for more information Silver diner eat well be well Bob andler WTO traffic Storm team four four day forecast and Matt riddle For the rest of the evening into overnight increasing clouds temperatures generally in the upper 30s this evening overnight lows would be in the upper 20s to low 30s and skies will stay mostly.

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