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Hello Friends I'm very excited to share today's episode with you as a mother. It covers a topic that is very near and dear to my heart a topic that has to do with infant and child development. That topic is the biology of breast milk and the enormous health benefits breastfeeding has for both the infant and mother. We're going to dive deep into science of breast milk on this one including breast milk, composition and production. How Human Milk Lusaka writes in breast milk established the infant gut microbiome and protect from bacterial infection. how will mega three fatty acids that find their way into breast milk as a result of the mother's Diet and supplementation may boost brain development which vitamins and minerals are robustly passed to the infant through breast milk and others that are poorly transferred. How breast milk contains stem cells that can help with infant development and may even integrate into intact organ systems in the infant's body. How harmful substances can be transferred to the infant breastmilk How breastfeeding improves the infants passive and active immune system and even forms a competent Tori immune system where infant infection generates a response that beneficially alters the mother's breast milk arming the infant to fight infection. How breastmilk improves infant brain development with special. Relevance to infants born prematurely how breastfeeding benefits mothers by reducing the risk of Ovarian and breast cancer and so much more. But before we get started I want to quickly mention a couple of things. I Co. released with this episode today is a sample of a brand new episode format we are calling Alachua. What is in? Alachua. You may ask allocates our special curated segments prepared and distributed to premium members via the premium members podcast feed. Alachua quads in ascends are all about curation where excited about allocates as just one more great benefit that we can bring to members while ultimately creating a useful format that is to the benefit of the public and supports the free content we produce like today's episode. With, that said our co released preview of the very first Alachua is in many ways extension of today's episode. It is focused on the many and I mean.

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