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Highs 96 Saturday and Sunday. For Monday. 90 Tuesday a rain snow mix high 40 It's 90 degrees in Denver, Boulder Police have released a sketch of the woman who allegedly assaulted a 12 year old boy this week. Carrying a president Trump lawn sign. It happened Monday at 1 45 it fulsome in Valmont as the boy was riding his bike. The white female between 20 and 30 tried to take the sign but was not successful. Boulder police are looking for tips. You can see that sketch at K O, a Colorado on Facebook and Twitter. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the economy is on its way to recovery. This is just in four months. We're more than halfway back from where we started in a terrible pandemic. The unemployment rate fell to 8.4%. The economy added 1.4 million jobs last month. The State Patrol says wildfire smoke from the Cameron Peak fire in Larimer County has really settled into Fort Collins. Loveland BIRTH it in Windsor, an air quality health advisory in effect until tomorrow morning at nine. It's a combination of problems. But Colorado Parks and Wildlife says an emergency fish salvage starts today at Bar Lake State Park near Brighton. There will be no limits on the fish you can catch during daylight hours at bar like you must have a fishing license. There are trout and while I in that reservoir C P W. Says the major loss of fish is probable. Because of low water high temps and a previous algae bloom on Wall Street, a comeback of sorts after stocks for down a lot in early trading, the Dow finished the day down. Just 1 59. NASDAQ Lost 1 45 S and P 500 was down 28. In sports Rockies and Dodgers tonight on K Away. Our coverage starts at seven. First pitch at 7 40 Our next update at 6 30 on Cathy Walker Koray News, radio 8 50 AM and 90 for one of you think about it..

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