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FM, 97 7 Good afternoon 12 31 from the Comb 0 24 hour news Center. I'm Jeff Pooja. Look, here's what we're following Police in Seattle are free to continue. Usually tear gas and other non lethal crowd control measures is a federal judge continues to block a city council ban was Gerwin Haig has the UPDATES. Responding to a Department of Justice request, U. S. District Court Judge James Robart is extending the temporary restraining order that prevents implementation of that City Council ban. That means crowd control measures, including tear gas will remain in the police tool kit. The council passed the ban in June after the public complained about aggressive policing during black lives matter protests that has made new fearful to continue to protest. It hasn't been me fearful to use my First Amendment right? Fanning these weapons and practices are the least the City council can do to begin healing the communities that have been terrorized by the police for decades. The judge's order now remains in effect until September 18th Corwin hey Koe, MO News. The Seattle City Council committee voted yesterday or the vote yesterday could lead to drastic changes in the way the city responds to homeless encampments. It was Joel Marino has the story. For the past three years. People living in tents have gotten regular visits from the navigation team, which was intended to help campers transition to shelters. Jordi, right, says it hasn't always worked out there. Just police still You know they did help him. I tell you to pack up and leave the specialized unit pairs. Police officers with outreach workers from some neighbors value the efforts. We've got a few times where they've come in and swept On DH tried to get people into housing and to get help, but not everyone wants help on a 54 votes, City Council members now appear ready to dismantle the team. The City Council also considering elimination of all funding for the unit, and redirecting that money, the community programs for the homeless. Portland police declared a ride in that city overnight prompted protesters set fires outside their precincts and destroyed security cameras. Then one point officers not there was some kind of explosive device left outside, but it turns out There was not their new developments in a murder at Seattle's Capitol Hill occupied protest zone. Como's called Miller has more on the killing of a 19 year old by the name of Lorenzo Anderson. It was on the morning of June 20th. Anderson died at Harbor View Medical Center. And now the King County prosecutor has filed a murder charge against 18 year old Marcel Long, according to charging documents long confronted Anderson with a gun. He then chased him and opened fire. Anderson was shot at least four times Detective Are still trying to track down along so far. They haven't had any luck, but I believe that the city let me down. Let my son down, let the community down. Anderson's mother, Danita Sinclair, filed a wrongful death claim against the city of Seattle late last month, saying city leaders created a dangerous environment and allowing chopped toe happen. That's Como's Cole Miller. Come on news time. 12 24. Excuse me, 12 30 for Let's get a check with roads. Here's Marina Rock, Inger. Well, it looks like we do have a new problem on the roadways.

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