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They went all the reaction at the draft, right here, Freddie Fitzsimmons. When those first and second rounds all over. They have a chance to see maybe a bunch of traits. We know the top three is not going to change in my opinion, unless somebody really blows away the Memphis, grizzlies, the Knicks pelicans with an offer, but once against the picnic before, Ian, that's all, you know, what could be a lot of fun. And maybe break loose with the NBA draft this Thursday. And who holds at number four pick the New Orleans pelicans? So Darius garland, or they're sitting there going who wants Cavallo, come on. Taking all phone calls is David Griffin, and he has a lot of chips to play with all his chips that about time for him to go and push them into the middle table, play those cards. David Griffin right now is already dealing like, hey. Yeah, it wants with three picks in the first round is gonna be interesting. What kind of package he may try to do up? And if he's going to find a willing taker to have a trade partner, that's the biggest aspect to me. You know, is what does Danny aines do? He's acquired all of these assets. What do you do with them? Now. Exactly. Can't sit on them canceled on them anymore. Or maybe Danny aines has something else up his sleeves, that we would not be party to before or during or after the NBA draft. It's time to be a part of the frenzy, make the best fifteen seconds of your life with ever is on your mind in the world sports. You got fifteen seconds or less to make it count at triple eight say ESPN, eight, seven to nine three seven seven six when it gives some love to somebody, you want to give some hate to somebody, whatever you wanna do what have you got to say, you got fifteen seconds at eight seven to nine three seven seven six you try to fifteen seconds. Well. Travis rock, hold extremely happy because he loves buzzing out people be a part of the frenzy NBA part of it. Now when he SPN radio. Sweepstakes.

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