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The hour on the hands and when it breaks I'm getting Max live from the K. If I 24 hour news room, The Washington Post has received a recording of President Trump saying he won the election in Georgia. The people of Georgia angry the people of the country or angry, and there's nothing wrong with saying that You know, uh That you bring calculated. Well, Mr President did challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. One hour phone call yesterday was between President Trump In George's election official Brad Raffles Berger. President Trump threatened vague legal consequences if the officials did not act. This report is brought to you by Mike Diamond in the smoke it Plummer, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and at least 10, other Republican U. S. Senators say they will reject presidential electors from states where President Trump has contested his defeat. Joe Biden unless an emergency 10 day audit of results is completed. One of those senators is Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson. We're not acting to thwart the Democratic process were acting too. Protected, he says. Joe Biden won his home state of Wisconsin, but there were issues in the state as well. The move to reject electors is welcomed by vice president Pence even though it is largely symbolic unlikely to overturn the presidential election. Trump has refused to concede, though Biden won more than seven million votes nationally and took the Electoral College by three or 622 32. A new strain of the Corona virus has been reported in Big Bear and San Diego. The more contagious strain was first reported in the UK in big Bear. Two people from the same household were found to have the virus variant after one member had contact with the traveler who turned from the UK on December 11th. Began showing symptoms three days later. One of the four people in San Diego say they had no contact with anyone from the UK Many funeral homes in Southern California out of space to store bodies because of the increase in covert 19 deaths summer turning away businesses because they can't keep up one funeral home is averaging 30 bodies for day, which is six times their normal rate. Mortuary owners are calling one another to see whether anyone can handle overflow and the answer is always the same. They're full to some mortuaries have rented 50 ft refrigerators to help. A native of Torrance, who made good has died. Basketball Hall of Famer Paul Westfall died Saturday from brain cancer. He went to aviation high in Redondo Beach before an all American career at USC. Westfall played 12 seasons in the NBA, winning a title with the Celtics in 1974. He averaged 15 points per game during his playing career. He later coached in the MBA for 10 seasons, guiding the Phoenix Suns to the NBA Finals in his first season. This fall, also coached Pepper dine for five seasons He was in trying in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2019. Paul West Wall was 70. Little Seward Ko Phi News.

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