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I think everyone in this. This country is an option in terms of where they WANNA know. What party wanted to march on always sat this instead of? Just follow your path. Go while you WANNA focus. That's not pull any bullshit over. Bator is very much secondary promotion In the states in the states on it so you know it's UFC for these guys. And I WANNA go. I thought that's what we'll get back to that a bit later i. It's one of those things that me and you get stuck in every week economic. I'm not gonNA mess him on 'em so we're GONNA move on. We'll talk about MSG and a bit more detail put a shine on somebody the other flights and really card first of all I think Mazda just just a cop off the I thought the Ford is Great. I really enjoy the for us really enjoyed the for as long as it lasts ashamed that ended the way it did a Ron. Because it's the bottom of the Fokker toyland because of a court. What can you do and Kevin Goslin was feel a bit stupid for taking my point? Join so because I mean he he had it all. There was there but he saw tells a big name which he saw Taylorsville opportunity upon in his last two fights coming up. I think Kevin Goslin went into the fight. Cocky on issues again for having gone looks to me as though you're going you know it looks like he's getting disciplinary action. Now after the whole incident escape elbow you put a range if your wife yeah forty four one eighty four bullshit rights optical illusion. Calvin doesn't know DOC Kevin Costner. I think reading needs to address something that's going on this. There's something going on there is at this. Does maybe a lack of motivation. The locker something going on. Because if you're acting like DOS. You're not getting on waste properly only controversy to something knocking on the door. They're the same problems but at least we feel as though e clean. Lina showed us that. There is a situation in the preflight when they showed They went in the countdown show. They went back to his first back in the gym and had all the gym. Emma shown up to congratulate in Clapham into the gym and all it's like I feel like it was some type of issue mentally. Maybe or something where he needed that support network around him when he came back. Hobie is getting held without of that is the case still careening. Impress me though Taylor. As well as the fact that was both back onto his feet every time taken was even nearly hopping on the energy from the lack of a court. His defense work against against K.. Get under hoax in reversing Italians really really goes to from from down against Y'all Romero version. That's it probably is not your arms off. Listen listen darn even admitted to it afterwards. He He did feel Kelvin's power in terms of guys Lem. I think there's a few days that needs to address. A lot of things is career. Maybe he's a little bit to overconfidence. From where where you actually as in his career that you see coming off dot one as well totally different performance. But Listen Darren Taylor utilize deputy how to do to win on. I think that's very very very important. In terms darns career trajectory could look it is two losses going up away class. It's a big big big noise. Darn the biggest of his career today a mine. He fought before Mr Stephen Thompson. A lot of people feel Thompson bacterial at night and live the billboard asked if what a performance Thomson Against Luke Aiwa most vicious Ford is in that bracket what a way to return showcase. I mean it was. It was a signature performance. Ormoc first round. It could probably gone either way New Zealander little bit against the cage am some some heavy shots but if you look at the second third rans wonderboy really came into do it on totally classroom on the feet unbelievable performance from and probably one of the greatest mixed martial arts martial to suffer fucking generation. Jesus I'm getting used before.

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