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People stand forced to stand. Don't don't don't call your your superior competition over aid. You wanna be doing that as the higher ranked team either four. And they're fourteen you crush worthy of being fourth because arizona state fan at six invive after that things over. They're not they're not suddenly the sixth ranked team in the country. They're not even going to be ranked higher than the team overrated chat. You know the more. I talk about the more the more i'm against the more i don't truly care for it. We beat you. I mean you know. Like go sun devils. As you there's there's so many things that you could get loud about without without taking anything away from the accomplishment. And i think that you know it's true. The overrated chat takes a little bit away from the accomplishment of beating team. That was supposed to beat you winning a game that you were not supposed to win. But the players don't buy into that they don't care that oregon was ranked number six in the country. They had a football game to win. They don't want their season. After twelve games. They wanted to win a football game in arizona. State took care of business. How this herm edwards experiment in tempe. I wasn't for it. I look good on paper and obviously was not the only one you play to win the game. You know i know that. We've laughed about her med words. He's been an analyst for a long time because he couldn't get a coaching gig. Maybe re anderson. The athletic director at arizona state had a plan brings in herm. Edwards doesn't bode well for players recruited by his predecessor. Todd graham herm. Edwards is brought winners to tempe. Got to win more than you know. He's got to do better than seven. Seventy five. but they're on the right track there at arizona state. My name is rich. This is sports overnight. America listen sports by light broadcast network. And we'll be back over devils digest. Yes they're located right here in tempe Catholic christian out them..

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