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Fm to get started good evening and welcome everybody to paranormal analytical. I'm your host teddy hill and we don't have rick warren on tonight because he is at a concert but we are supposed to have james tubes. Who is running late as usual. How do you do. Are you doing their. And i'm glad you could make it on here tonight. We have a wonderful guest over here. We have britney barbieri and hope it butcher that to bed bridges and she is a zoologist ufologist and also a paranormal investigator by trade. And since she's got knowledge in a little bit of everything and we're gonna be talking tonight about all the above so prepare for a great show brittany. How are you doing tonight. I am doing really good eddie. How about yourself. I'm doing good. I'm sunburnt as you can see. Oh yeah yeah you know. I had to goggle thing going so it's wonder i don't have to the white goggle eye balls happening right now. Kind of glowing. Dr great right. I wrote from houston all the way into floors ville On a harley that i picked up which is a fun ride although i two thunderstorms which i actually appreciate it because it was so hot so it was kind of like a bath on wheels. Oh my god out there for you guys because it's been all over the place and spend abnormally high everywhere. Oh god yes. I mean it's been blaring out here and it was fun right up when i was coming in. There was a lot of different fun things to see. I mean we've got. There's one creek that runs through. I don't know if you've heard of li- iota brittany as well woman hollering creek supposedly the scream of li- iota in that area which is pretty neat. Yeah i think. I think her story is one of the stories that makes me kind of go e- especially because i have a small son think i'm going to take him through there anytime soon. We also have a landon saying welcome brittany in the chat room and we have Jeff he is high from the goat..

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