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This message for generations a symbol of jewish tradition riverside memorial chapel fifty degrees good afternoon i'm larry katter wins news time at the tone one thirty good afternoon i'm susan richard another other lawsuit against harvey weinstein this one filed under a federal statute outlawing sex trafficking activities that the attorney involves canning producers offer to help trace where the movie role at a news conference in manhattan today british model and actress katie al bowl talked about how she wound up in weinstein's hotel room and can back in 2014 i how do you received the show so he said to me if i have it we've me which i did on my ipad he says i should come up to his room and he will have a look at it but he asked me to walk a few paces behind him for press razors which i didn't think anything noble says one pulled her into the bathroom of his sweet groped her and forced her into a sex act the suit potentially opens a new avenue for accusers to pursue weinstein wanted could extend the statutes of limitations on rape and sexual assault cases wins news time one thirty one from the john traffic center here's gloria troppo let's start out with what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels right now the bail bridges closed down in both directions because of emergency sleazebag deputy ag if going to start really backing up so at this point if you need to head over udinese either the gospels or the outer bridge crossing or if you're trying to get into and you're just going to have to jump over to the other way in and maybe take seventy eight the hudson county extension and had down that way either way expect those delays to start building up meanwhile the marine parkway bridge that's also clogged with fire department activity can go ahead and use cross baid boulevard and heavy traffic on the eastbound belt parkway at exit thirteen that's walkway parkway accident delays are back to napster now let's go back to what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels at the hollande's 5 to 10 in both directions lincoln john in both directions and the george washington bridge inbound is fifteen to 20 on the upper over thirty on the lower because of construction outbound is twenty five to.

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