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Brighton here as it because it's Super Bowl weekend. I got like full wrestling lights right in my face. So I can't even see the other. There's two rooms there's my room. I guess anybody who's listening to radio enough. Always here's like on the other side of the glass on the other side of the glass. There are people in there. But I can't see them because the lights are so blindingly bright in my eyes. I should have said something before the show, but I was just so focused are still in the zone getting ready to go. Maybe it's because it's Super Bowl weekend. But at some point can we please do something about these lights. My retinas are scorching. My my. I'm gonna have to close my eyes. Can I can I do a segment with my eyes closed? Let's see. All right. Robin Lindbergh here with you on CBS sports radio at Robin Lindbergh on Twitter, that's our OB IN L U N D B E R G eight five five two one two four two two seven is the number of my. I'm so sick of talking about the New England Patriots. We're going to do plenty of Super Bowl stuff. But the patriots are patriots are. Odd in the sense that I do think there's an appeal when they're actually in the game. You know when the game starts because people feel away about them. I've Brady and Belle checks resumes speaks for itself you're talking about the greatest coach and the the greatest quarterback of all time in the game. So there is that that the magnitude of it. And then most people that are outside of the greater Boston area rooting against the patriots. So that incentivizes them to to care about the game. I don't know if anybody really cares about the Rams too much. But the lead-up there's just nothing else say there's nothing else to say you wind up like nitpicking nam or or bringing up old stuff or it. Just it's happened over and over again. I mean, I gotta be I if I'm being fully on. I do not like them. I do not like the New England Patriots. For nothing to do with their winning, by the way, I know people get ill. Hating us because we're winning. That's not I I got mad respect for that. Best dynasty. I've ever seen in football. That's for sure. I again, I just call the the coach by far the greatest coach of all time in my mind. The quarterback the greatest quarterback of all time. They've done a few things to rub me the wrong way off the field. And and then like I brought this up. I think a bit last week. But in a weird way it's a testament to their greatness that they have multiple cheating scandals, and nobody cares. That boy in the science fair. Did you see him? The ten year old kid who had the Brady is a cheater need scientifically proved it and then somebody else at a local TV station got fired because their lower third had said Tom Brady known cheater and. The funny thing is if you're putting a lower third for Tom Brady, of course, that's not how you should describe him. The first time you're describing him. I get why they fired that guy. But it's not exactly inaccurate. You know, Bella check has spy gate Brady has Deflategate Julian Edelman was busted for this season. And he's a TB twelve guy. If this was baseball with those patriots greats be locks for the hall of fame. There's a real question. And despite that let me make it clear they've done so much. It's undeniable it's overwhelming. I just think they're the pro wrestler who will put his feet on the ropes to secure the pin. So we'll get into plenty of Super Bowl stuff. Of course. It's the day before the Super Bowl, I would be negligent in my duties and my job here. If I if I wasn't talking about the Super Bowl, but these Super Bowl headlines have been sort of bogarted by the NBA and just the absolute insanity in absurdity in craziness that is the drama around that league know in a way, it's interesting because. Nothing's more popular than the NFL from viewership standpoint. Right. I mean, you can't even argue it's it's not even close there on a whole different level than every other sport. But I've made the case for a while that the NBA has actually surpassed the NFL when it comes to a talking point now that doesn't necessarily translate into eyeballs, right? Like, you could make a case that there's a problem with the NBA in the sense that people like the drama around the league more than actually watch the games. I think relevancy is is a plus regardless. And then when the games get more important people tune in and I'm not trying to do a whole NBA NFL thing. I just think it's. Interesting the way eight unfolds because the energy and the fervor around the Super Bowl storylines is not really there that might not mean anything when it comes to the actual Super Bowl. We know it's going to be the most watch event and the same thing happened with the NFL season. It's sort of parallels the NFL season because it may be the NFL likes. It this way nowadays only because when they have been talked about in the past it's been for in the recent past like scandals or negative stories. And this year they've been mostly devoid of that. You know, some of the the the drama around the NFL has subsided. There's been a few things. But for the most part the. Attention focused back to the games. And they did well from viewership standpoint this year, but I don't think they generated as many headlines. Pittsburgh had a bunch of headlines coming out of there. And there were a few other things that happened throughout the course of the year. And if you were like dealing with this week, what would people be talking about? They'll be talking about the miscall at the end of the the game with the saints and the Rams so. I don't know if it's the worst thing in the world for the NFL bets not still being talked about it. I think at some point people just got like, all right? What else can we say about this because the NFL handled that as poorly as they possibly could write for? Roger Goodell to not address it at all. And just let time pass allowed the story to fester and continue to go. So that made it a story all of last week. And then he has his big press appearance. Was it Wednesday of this week and has to address it at that point? So it makes it a story again this week. So that that's like a case study in how you maximize a negative story. They basically kept back in the headlines for two weeks. That's been the dominant story between. The. Time that wasn't called in the game. And now and now. Because there there's just not much else to say about the New England Patriots in there. There's. Just not that much to say about the Rams either. I mean, you saying the ram shouldn't be there. And then you get into the Rams actress storyline. Okay. Sean McVay GIO. Right. Very good good to know, shoving did you know, he's younger than Tom Brady. So the NBA's had all this this drama from the Kristaps Porzingis trade, which I guess if you've been following it shouldn't be as shocking as it turned out to be. But was still shocking in the moment. We'll get to that in a little bit from Kyrie's comments yesterday who could possibly try to peg like what kind of. Task is it to be inside the mind of Kyrie Irving. Aguirre you ever see the movie being John Malkovich? If you were being Kyrie Irving, what would you be thinking about throughout the process of your your your day feel like that could you know, bouncing Evan flow, very quickly in Kyrie set, the the the social media landscape ablaze yesterday with I don't even know what he was saying. He basically was saying the media is out to get him. Even though he's the one that sat on the court in front of the microphones on the ground and said he was staying in Boston. And now he's not staying in Boston. And last night, he's playing at Madison Square Garden, I'm looking at a replay of it right now in the crowd is chanting his name 'cause the Knicks fans are just so desperate. Knicks fans are just so desperate for something. Good to happen to their franchise and their team it's been so long and they've been so miserable. And then of course, there's the big one. And that's Anthony Davis. And the latest thing from the Anthony Davis saga. I find extremely entertaining. And that was the statement Anthony Davis is father made Anthony Davis senior offering up a statement to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, I believe and says I would never want my son to play for Boston After their what they done to Isaiah Thomas. No, loyalty guy, gives his heart and soul. And they traded him. This is just my opinion. I've just seen things over the years with Boston. And there's no loyalty, and he said anybody can print that. This on the heels of of already media leaks that Anthony Davis doesn't see Boston as a long-term fit in in just would be a rental situation if they were to consider trading firm, which they can't do until the summer anyway. But you know, that statement you could take it at face value or you could see it for what it actually is. And I'm I'm gonna tell you what's actually going on behind the scenes with the Anthony Davis. Trade saga, especially as it relates to the Boston Celtics because I don't think the stuff that we've been seeing regarding Anthony Davis in Boston is an accident at all. I think it's in a way a little bit of payback. Tell you what I'm talking about. Coming up next.

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