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And so, you know, if anything happens, I go. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But the type of business relationships I have with everyone if let's say five years later, right? Whatever I agreed on that contract. Maybe I grew as a person, and maybe things changed for me. Maybe the business changed. I am a hundred percent comfortable that I could approach any of my business partners and say, hey, you know, I know we agreed something else on the contract. And you know, I feel bad for one in the change this. But this is I I want to change it like in. This is the reason why all of them are a hundred percent cool with me bringing that up. None. No one's going to get pissed. No one's going to say what the fuck Joe. You know as long as you're being completely on his. And you have good reason. Now, it's important to have good reason. Because sometimes you can't just say I feel like it. You know, what if you wanted to change the color of the app? And you wanted to change it because you read an article that maybe orange sells better than blue or whatever. Right. So you pro-chian you're like, hey, man. I know we work really hard on his app. But I read this article about orange, you know, being really good. And I really have a good feeling about this. I think it's going to change. But let me tell you. Why look at all the greatest logos. The McDonald's one the calls junior won all of them orange. Can we try it out? Maybe your Francis for you. Crazy, dude oranges actally orange looks like you know, it looks like yellow vomit. They might say some stuff in my hurt your feelings. It might make you feel like you're stupid for even bringing bringing it up. But. It doesn't hurt to try. Right. But if you if you bring it up that way, it's it's going to be a lot different from a I don't like unlike orange or is going to be different from saying, don't like your blue. Why I don't know. I just don't feel like I want all orange now. Now that's just going to cause problems because it's like for what I don't. I don't get it. So think clearly before you confront. Maybe if it helps you even write down all the things that you disagree about why you might even learn that it was maybe you know, you that something's wrong with you for feeling a certain way. Maybe what you thought it was wrong. So I don't know, you know, you just gotta keep trying and keep communicating and in any situation if you take those two things communicate in negotiating. You are going to definitely have a rich life will of friends business partners and all kinds of also lives. You know, what I'm saying man's, plural. Yep. So that's all the time. We have for today. Thank you for your question area. I hope you guys really enjoyed it. And if you guys took for this long, congratulations, look, it was it was it was bright outside when we started. And now it's completely dark. Is like a winter time. So things are becoming a little bit. What dark faster these days, right or am? I wrong. Anyways. I'm about to go to a j Christmas party is going to be like a mud. Awesome. Hope to see you guys there. I'm going to try to log it. And thank you guys for staying so long on this podcast. If you made it till the end, you're awesome. I know you guys are looking for guests. You guys want me to talk with Jess or whoever I'm working on that. I just got to get out of my bedroom and figure out another setup and also keep those emails come in. Keep those comments come in. And if you love love love, my long talks and podcasts, and you know, someone that might benefit go ahead and send this link to someone just send it to some friends. Let them know that Joe is here. Okay. Good. Bye..

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