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Hey, good morning playbook. I'm ragu manawa, it's Friday. We still don't know who's one either chamber of Congress, and that's starting to make things a little complicated. It's her Politico playbook daily briefing. The sun is now risen three times since the GOP leader Kevin McCarthy assured Americans they would wake up to a house Republican majority. Yet, we still don't know who won either chamber of Congress, and each day, the sun is set, but the projected number of Republican seats dimming. This morning, Politico colleagues, Steve shepherd, has a story up into these playbook newsletter that even points out that while it may be unlikely, Democrats still have a very narrow path to holding the majority. There are a bunch of uncalled races where the results are expected to go one way or the other, but it all comes down to about 11 true toss ups or forecasters really aren't sure what will happen. And of those times would need to win 9 to maintain power. Here's the thing, it could be a while until we have answers. In Arizona, the Arizona republic's Robert Englund writes that officials in Maricopa County initially estimated they would complete the vote tally by Friday. Now they say they'll be counting through the weekend about 570,000 ballots statewide remain to be counted Thursday night. In Nevada, Kevin Ritter from The Associated Press writes that Vegas elections leaders say they're counting votes as quickly as we can. But still have 50,000 ballots outstanding in critical clerk county in Colorado, the Denver post, Conrad Swanson, looked at the possibility of a recount in the unexpectedly close race between Republican representative Lauren boebert and Democrat Adam frisch. He writes, if neither candidate gains a wide enough margin, election officials might not declare an official winner in the race for weeks. Depending on how the process plays out. Not only would a slim margin of victory trigger an automatic recount, but either candidate can also request a recount, so long as they're willing to pay for it. The process could then extend into December. And in California, there are an estimated 4.8 million unprocessed ballots remaining to be counted. That's according to the latest numbers, from the California Secretary of State's office. The lack of clarity about the final outcome hasn't kept House Republicans from declaring victory. Yesterday, as he continued to work the phones to lock down support for the speakership, McCarthy made two moves aimed at projecting confidence about a GOP takeover. One, the creating of transition teams dedicated to implementing Republican's policy agenda while providing oversight of the Biden administration. And two, meaning that the capital reopened to the public after more than 900 days of closures due to COVID restrictions. McCarthy defended his drape measuring maneuvers ahead of an official call for House control in the Fox News appearance last night. None other than president Joe Biden, he said, had congratulated him on winning a majority. McCarthy said, so for anyone who thinks we didn't win the majority, Joe at least believes what we did as well, leaving The White House last night, Biden told CNN's Jeremy diamond is kudos for merely conditional. Biden said, if you win the majority, congratulations. But congratulations so far, you've made some gains. Lawmakers haven't told December 16th to agree on a new deal to fund the government, and their postures in that fight could vary drastically depending on who's in control next year. That's according to a story from Politico's Burgess evert and Sarah Ferris that you could read in today's playbook newsletter. If Republicans flip both chambers, they'll likely want to hold out on a long-term funding deal so they can make their mark on government priorities come 2023. But if they don't, they might be more willing to strike a pre holiday deal that kicks the next funding fight until late 2023. The results will also influence how Democrats spend their remaining weeks in power of both chambers. The pair right. If Democrats hold the Senate, they may focus more on legislation while they're still assured power in the house, but a Senate Democrats are worried about losing control of their chamber. They're likely to pivot to confirming as many of president Joe Biden's nominees as possible. This what's up in Washington today starting with The White House at 8 55 a.m. eastern. At 8 20 a.m. eastern, president Joe Biden will arrive in Egypt. There will hold it bilateral meeting with Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el sisi, a ten 15, a deliver remarks at the cop 27 climate conference. Afterward at 1120, he'll de party Egypt to head to padam ten Cambodia. Here's what's on the vice president's calendar at 9 a.m. eastern, vice president Kamala Harris, and second gentleman Doug Emhoff will attend the Veterans Day breakfast at The White House hosted by First Lady Joe Biden, and 11 a.m.. Harris Emhoff on the First Lady will attend a wreath laying service at the Arlington national cemetery for the national Veterans Day observance. In mercury calendars, yesterday, Donald Trump's team revealed that the former president of Mar-a-Lago announcement widely expected to be the unveiling of his 2024 presidential campaign, will take place on Tuesday, November 15th and 9 p.m...

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