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Us. I m. e had some follow ups. That conversation with will he had an idea for you guys for us? so I think that we should put together. A snapback tournament art snapback team for TBT next year. Ready for the roster. At! Point Guard Joe Schwarz. Shooting Guard Trayvon Jackson. Three guard Jay Williams Niyaz holding up and he's ready to go Jay. For us. I guess you and I can play for need can head coach Tom. At the four are big man and The roster still embedded. Nonetheless, I think that base of a roster. We got a chance at the million. What are the rules? No, no MBA right. Obviously I don't know Joe. Johnson Joe Johnson, isn't it? Akeem Butler deeper. He's alive receiver in that foul, but he's a WHO. Burke Jack, clarity. I think we could maybe convinced Derek whyte to retire. We could. Potentially we could be like hey. Derek set aside in that extension that you're up for probably not. Just McGregor. Just retired. Speaking of what you see back thing. I saw a tweet that gym, time or something. Didn't see that did not see that FAM-. Let's get into ranked. Today's ranked. We are ranking the best appetizers. Of all time, our favorite APPs we are a had the whole entree appetizer debate conversation. I. REALLY DEBATE BUT WE'RE GONNA rank our top three. This'll be on snapback. Pat On instagram. Make sure to rank your top three in the graphically post. My number three is. A cheese and meat board sure Kuri to be specific nothing better well. There's two things better that are my less but. An excellent excellent appetizer, great to share with the friends and family. They got jams, nuts olives. You got everything different types of meats, different types of Jesus normally accompanied by a Nice Christina back yet. He's a meat board. She's For me. That doesn't really I'm not really like. That's an appetizer restaurant more. That's like a mom. Put on your mom Fabio our. On the licensure, less wrong or not, my number three and this is a switch, because originally we going to do appetizers you share, but you can't share this one. A favorite since I was a kid French onion soup. Absolutely love French on Zoo flab. That cal. No if that can I get it before my entree count like ninety nine percent positive you look at the menu it's says appetizers and soups, and then says salads that is something that is one hundred percent and appetizer. You get it before the meal French. Cop there's a cop. Bowl and sometimes bowl of soup is your main. You're getting. If you get a soup for your entree, you're you're just. All I'm saying is French on in soup is the most overrated appetizer of all time. Because you just eat the cheese. No one actually likes the onion soup LAKOTA dustbowl from the. Couldn't even you couldn't be more wrong French onion soup. Lick that thing dry and pick off the burke's number two. I'm at the site. was number two and number one here? Number two. This is tough. It's more like one B. I fucking love Kalmari I absolutely love Calamari, always love split or non. He's ordered for the most fire I'll give you that ratio score limit on it. Marinara sauce I love Calamar. First choice for me. It was absolutely it's my biggest problem. Neuro, I'm saying like I mean we're obviously going to get some Kalmar together coming up soon but I can never find someone to partner with, and then it's a bit too big to take down by yourself too expensive, but I like that pick actually was my number. Four was my original number. Three board surpass. It was GONNA be my honorable mention. I admire number two. Is outlasted agro specifically from Chile's. Love. They just hit different, the fried towards t I. would it be mad if you said like? Some type of egg roll in general, because there's very different like you can get cheese gag that so good you have like. They're like like. Asian eggrolls. That's my that's what do they have? What do they have? PK like the avocado something girls that are. Those are exactly what the southwestern I? Makes like ten times better. Man has guess what they have. Some. Dipping saw Oh, we don't even think we've told the fan about. The number one. Best Take I've ever had in my life and Jack in agree with this and so. On the Pie. Nonetheless, there's no better anything in the food world than any type of sauce that is orange. Just definitely, said this forge cola man. See Mayo Thousand Max. Aren't i. don't care what the name is. It? Whatever. On Number One I`Ma Yeah my number one. And this came to me in the moment, not in the moment while we were planning this list, I was like this has to be Crab Pretzel. Is a Baltimore thing to Maryland thing. This is just another. Just another ranked see. We did last week. No, the hotel rooms, Austat what I took it out this one I'm running away. Grab not even close Crab Kratz! Oh! Crap Pretzel All Right? Everyone loves the Pretzel Right Know When you get a Pretzel, and you get the cheese dipping sauce vary rated. Okay but I'm talking about. Get it ordered at dinner. That's this on crack. You get crab. You get cheese. You get some old bay on there and some dipping sauce. You're seriously going to sit here and tell me if I give you one appetizer for the rest of your life. It's a crab pretzel out telling you. You would pick that if you ate them, but it's your number one. So if I, gave you one appetizer for the rest of your life. It's Crap Pretzel that's correct Jesus my number one so easy. Everyone loves.

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