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Digital attorney position is a very important position it affects us all regardless of race religion or gender i'm on it to be a candidate for district attorney as district attorney i will continue to be a part of all communities and make sure that the officers involved in prosecution and prevention i will place people over politics vote june fifth then a car for district attorney you are locked into the joe locke shows go follow us on facebook twitter instagram at joe locke joe now back to the love hate and debate welcome to the show all right america's show we are blessed with ross owns do y'all know y'all seen it this morning overseas with princess perry still on tv they there's no news going on the world stops when the president is beautiful wife got married today because i have been watching the headlines there have been no headline i woke up this morning and my phone was blair is about thirty notifications all saying the same thing yeah news cnn everybody knows something maybe america randy chuck mike we get ready to come to you in a few minutes for the promise but i gotta say this i think brian we just hit onto some jessica we just silverados just us from new seasons we may have a solution to all our problems in america y'all ready for this if everybody getting married every day and we put it on tv there's no news prince twenty five years i'm just saying folks start to get married right everybody get married with every day every year and we won't have no more news it'd be all is good and see that we had to go away we we read some hollywood celebrities that romance there's available surly celebrity i'm also twenty five all right so let's get to the phone lines and you guys are lit up the phone i said i do appreciate it let's say you guys brought about dot com go check him out dot com get out to randy you locked into the love hate debate hey randy hey ryan how's it going man all right i just want to do a few little comments about what you're talking about about.

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