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The show the voice has won four. Primetime emmys. And then tons of other. Primetime creative arts EMMY awards. Like, I'm sorry, guys, the the voice isn't highbrow TV. I know it's pretty and you get famous people to host it and Mark Burnett produces it. You know, I get it. First of all, Mark Burnett can eat it compared to Vince McMahon, in my opinion, and this is probably what you start getting into the space. Whereas a wrestling fan, you kind of fended because it's hard to not be offended that you simply don't think that our form of entertainment is worth any accolade because to you, it's stupid, right? You know. And that's I, I will say this, this is the one area where I am likely to get offended because it's a judgment of our actual form of entertainment that we love. And I feel and I'm sure ninety percent of the people listening feel that even though the. There are moments when wrestling makes me embarrassed in cringe, and we've all had those over the years, lowbrow jokes, you know, inappropriate sort of stupid sexual innuendo, you know, being behind the times on racial progress, lots of things that over the years you kinda turned okay, we gotta do better than this at the same time. I value the art of wrestling the way that people value the art of opera or Broadway, or are in a museum. They value that as highbrow important art that that thrills them. If the best opera performance in the world was happening in my backyard, I wouldn't go outside. In fact, I shut the door and close the blinds to the win. Okay. So for you to decide that this thing that gets huge ratings all the time and has done really innovative things now, it will be one thing. Great. If it was just like, you know, the show ridiculousness if it was just a show that like grabs crap from YouTube and puts it together and gets ratings. I understand why people would determine that's not be worthwhile because believe you me. There are plenty of things happening on broadcast television and the internet that is low brow, trash, believe me. I have to compete with them with my show, open late where we try to put together what an actually pretty complete product. So I am aware that there shows that get tons of us and are not remotely have zero artistic integrity, but that's not what WWE is. Even though it can be low brow. It is also incredibly innovative. It requires an incredible amount of skill from the performers themselves. There are stories that are written out over time that our master. Pieces, not all of them, but some are masterpieces some get to a crescendo that make eighty thousand people stand on their head because it's not as simple as some stars music hits. Sometimes the thing that makes us stand on our head is an amazing story that's told beautifully carefully over time and to think that that would never get any recognition from the precious Emmys yourselves. How about that? How about that? Emmys if you don't ever at some point, recognize Vince McMahon, for at least being an iconic power player in the medium of television yourself. You are looking down your nose for absolutely no reason because you think you're better than the people who consume the entertainment will. I'm here and as jeez here and the entire cheap e universe majors. The is all here to tell you, you're not better than it. And in fact. Many of your writers and most creative people all love the product. So it would be to make a long story short as she g if God forbid, there's an untimely passing of some of these wrestlers we're talking about or even a timely passing. They certainly deserve their mention for their accolades with Intel vision. The rock certainly would deserve it. John CENA would certainly deserve it outside behavior. Excluded hulk HOGAN would certainly deserve it. Rick flair would deserve it. There are a lot of people who should be mentioned, we'll they, I don't know. But the ultimate litmus test is Vince McMahon, who, at some point deserves his due from the Emmys. Yeah, and very well said very complete statement. The only thing that I would add is that what you think about these TV shows they get handed out Emmys and all these awards everytime award season roll around the WWE audience, like w caters to a wider audience than all of them. You kids men of all ages women of all ages diversity in terms of sexual orientation, diversity in terms of race, and then you look at some of these.

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