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Welcome welcome. Welcome thank you for joining us. Really appreciate the time. Yeah thanks for having me. it's Nice to talk to people who don't live in my own house. You have a lot of people there that live in your house that you're sick and tired not a lot. i mean. I'm not sick and tired of any of them and my best friend and that's cool but it's also just. They're still the same people they were a year ago. And i'm all out of variety can't believe as soon as you said that it has been almost a year up on our one it is. It is nuts. So let me ask you this right off the bat. Then how how have you been keeping. This becomes a surprise to literally anybody. But i'm good. I'm good. I'm built for this life And all it took a global pandemic to allow me the luxury to live with it. Yeah i mean this even before this. My my whole ethos has gradually become one of our really. Wanna leave the house. Unless i'm going out to get paid or going out to get my friends paid You know. I'm just trying to have a good time and then come home and just make stuff that i like and yeah now i have every excuse in the world to do that and i get to look sponsoring kind and caring human being doing so did you. Did you have your your like. Did you have your whole setup in studio in the house before we went. Got into all this. Yeah not on the level. It is now because as you face it is beautiful and glowing sony a seven three camera acting as a way overpowered cam and if the gopro behind was back i could hit a switch. And then you'd see that. Yeah it so everything was in the house and i finally just had an excuse to spend the last little bit of money just kind of pulling it all together so that i never have to leave ever again once one incredibly antisocial i realize but this i don't like a lot of stuff i just really liked the things that i like and now i just had to find that enthusiasm for things that i like inside my own house. That's what i'm doing now. Fair enough fair enough are you also. You've sort of spruce. Stop in spiced up your setup there. Are you also one of those people. That's looking for a bigger places. Well i mean who can afford to look for any other place than the ones they're the pandemic was going to finally lace of justice to the real estate market in toronto. And no it only exacerbated thing. So i don't know i mean in general i'm not i hope i never have to move at the place i've been at was like two thousand and twelve and we're very happy here. You know. my wife also works from home a lot of the time as well. We have the space in the freedom and the flexibility to do that..

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