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Hundred eight hundred something you know, let's see some point the skins Ursa hurt. Like, he's got stops. Stop. I guess it's he's doing this for a look. Copy that one's gonna one. Yeah. Ideas that's going to be oh, it's just from. Yeah. Goes laud. Oh, Kartana that's going to be an easy one of that. Shop. Shos? You do you know, what's on your dick? Hold on do buzz swale hoop. Wait on the bottom left, seventy four. Oh shit. Push swallow. That's awesome. Oh, James not going to have trouble with easy, nonstop not November as kill sets that in chat. It's except the reason that I really admire this one is that I think it would be very difficult because of the volume also maybe hold on. We got a show is that us we do it. Yeah. Sweet. What else us? All right. Honey. That's a pretty good. That's a good chance. Also dedication completely skipped quilt fish fish back on their okay? Who would who would miss quilt fish? How many people are subscribe to that? It's up reading not many not enough. Yeah. Not yet subscribed in this This guys. guy or girl has what is genuine. Oh, I guess I assumed bail. But if it's a goal it's way easier because then you could just finish three times at once. That's true. Yeah. You just have to wait as you have to fake three orgasms fantasizes about group sex with bokram on there's quilt fish, therefore, what if what if he's having sex with a war toward all, and it if Volvos to a blast toys intercourse does that count as both. I assume that everything shifts around the whole that you're fucking. So it's like transformers usually there's one part that doesn't move like the seat so people don't get ground up. Yeah. I imagine. It's like that the the animals just like kind of like the fly mutating around your in terms of his his criteria. Does. That mean, he's had sex with them both. Oh, no. I think they have an initial. Yes. The us come once for each Pok Mon. Okay. All right. What's the actual OSs lash? What is it? Ultimate poke Amman battle or battles. Ultimate pokey battle ultimate poke battle. Yeah. There you go. She's gonna go real quick. So that's going up against the the ultimate mall ninja the original ninja. So this is this is a bit of a SuperNet throwback quote. This is a collection of the wisdom posted on the internet by guy calling himself deco Forty-five, and I'll start it back in the healthy and summer of two thousand one and it posts have created a certain urban legend the many refer to as the mall ninja. However went looking for the original Glock talk thread found that it's no longer all archive for a time. It was married at MoMA dot com. Now down. So there was a forum called Glock talk because mall, ninjas love glocks and there were series of posts by gecko. I'll just I'll just read one of them. It's very very long. So there's many weeks material here in case it happens to win. But here's how it all.

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