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While you're early childhood ambition was to become a cyclist. Your fate changed after a horrible accident. And you pursued a fashion current instead. Thanks to some of your friends at the time. What gave you reassurance that the fashion industry was right for you and what were the first steps to break into it. The first steps through to actually be aware of it was an english pub which was Where i met a couple of people that will also patients in the hospital. Where i was luckily for me he chose the one of the guys chose this english pub in the middle of england. Unluckily was the place where the off students when one of the students said you know. My dad's held Shop where he helped me. So i said yes and that's how i actually got into fashion. Which was literally by accident. I enter the wilderness just helping a friend with boutiques lovely to earn a living doing something which is creative the joy of having an idea and then the idea turning into reality and then actually selling. He's really exciting. I talked to a lot of people in the arts. And the i've into thousands of people they're not always great business. People have that combination of being very creative in being a designer in your case and also have the business acumen it can be really effective and i've interviewed many designers for this podcast including betsy johnson. Who was just on the show. Steve nod in ferguson berg successfully built and sustain their brands for many years. How has your brand state for so long. What aspects of your personality and style make your brain unique in this ultra competitive retail world. Keeping my feet on the ground never really thinking of made it never putting my back into jab because as soon as you do that there's somebody overtaking you on the freeway you're not an actually loving your job. Dang relevant very much of the balance of front of house and back of house so front of house means yea true. Fashion shows a year in paris for many many years over one hundred shows just being aware of things that do well an understanding the you can keep something that does well for several seasons right now. For instance my catering suits of really popular with both men but right now we've deconstructed the suit. Shorts vary as two years ago. Three years ago people wanted real shaw suit and so you know you just keep up. Probably feels like you're younger because you have to keep up with the trends of what may be younger people around me. I am blessed with not even thinking about my age. Some of my views all are from a different period if tomlinson references off from a different period of time but luckily i got a very young team around me. It's about the balance of keeping you more mature customer but also attracting younger customers. We did this captial collection to do with the fifty th anniversary and our runs out business over there said it's really loved because many of the tombs have been buying the captured collection. Can you imagine you've been fifty years. Suddenly you go under twenty one's getting excited about what you do. He says he's a real blessing. You're listening to five questions and this episode is sponsored by. Sandbox is email soul-crushing distraction..

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