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Keep Maryland open for business paid for by Maryland tourism. Traffic and weather on the AIDS to rob Stone Worth and the W T O P Traffic center. So looking pretty smooth on the Beltway in Maryland through Montgomery and Prince George's Carrie and gave this burg on one await latents on the latent Zil Road near Field Chris Road, still under police direction for the crash scene there, north bound on the bottom of Washington. Parker. This is after 1 97 as you head toward 1 98. The left lane continues to be blocked for the tree work traveling on Em Okay. Junior Highway. This is 704 westbound after Hill Road, Capt. Sam called said the work zone is near Carrington Avenue and blocking the right lane traveling on route 50 across the Bay Bridge. The way operations continue to run on the westbound span, which means three lanes or east and two lanes open in the westbound direction. If you're in Virginia, things that clear on the Beltway between Alexandria and MacLean sounds down on the George Washington Parkway passed the key bridge. The work zone has a single lane getting by that particular area there. 66 westbound, leaving the Beltway headed toward Nutley Street. Your lanes go from fourth three along the left side, causing you some significant delays there eastbound 66 years. Elise are approaching 1, 23 and outs Ward Nutley streets and lanes as they go from 4 to 3 in that direction, South bound on 95 often on the breaks between Lorton and 1 23.5 years ago, often on the separatist war around every one of you is more than you'll see Laser principle apartment playing pretty available in Bristol Robles. You're definitely nae support. You were under construction for the pricing there. Hopefully that will be picked up going pretty soon, but right now he's constantly traveling interested only near Devon Road. I mean that speed.

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