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A third for your keys ccr weather right now it wasn't sunny skies seventy high of 81 today can be whitney their loved ones guest as high as twenty miles per hour as the day will go on the launch after that poor tonight we'll be mostly clear the low around fifty five for your tuesday sunny with a high near eighty five degrees and for by the way tonight the cold the winds will die down by the fourteen so if you're had not those they've eighth ballgame you will be able to enjoy that four tonight ler to deny pardon me cited the showers better serve after one a m and they'll be a low of sixty four degrees for your would they will be mostly sunny hot on wednesday high near ninety one degrees so watch out for that wendy as well when guess as high as twenty four miles per hour right out now the capital city were looking at seventy six degrees got up a couple to agree since the eleven o'clock hour with their out of the north north west that well right now so that's what we're dealing with when you're talking key ccr weather and looking out the window right now blue skies right here in the capital city not a cloudy sky unless you're looking sal which is with the way we look we look southwards the fort pierre in the hills area and then there's some clouds head starting to build up the stored in south way but other than that is an absolutely gorgeous star to our afternoon here in your in your capital city that's the way we want it so all the way for we'll go seventy six degrees sunny skies on the way for you next we'll dark acc our sports kcc our time now is that twelve sixteen with a sports you depend on from sports radio twelve forty kc cr casey our new day sport is brought to you by back motors beck matters make it a great.

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