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Y'All a we need to talk about the Georgia I. It took a big twist. I WanNa wait on that though. Oh though I'm GonNa make educated guesses on. I think I know who the nominee is largely because of of president trump and Doug Collins And what they've done and I I love give me some Doug Collins but I I think his team around him. They've played their hands badly before. I get to that though. I WANNA discuss impeachment mint and in the closing of all minds Is I I want to play you a very long clip This is this is four four minutes and forty seconds Forty one seconds. If I'm precise of we'll heard will hurt is a republican congressman from South Texas. His the district has rapidly become democratic. He won his re election by two hundred votes. He was in the intelligence community he he does not like president trump. President trump does not like him. They have gone after each other on twitter on multiple occasions The president thought that will hurt had had lost in November and was Giddy at the thought of. We'll heard losing They're they're not big fans of each other so if there is a Republican Republican who the Democrats should be able to persuade to move forward with impeachment. It should be someone like will heard and and yet will heard. Does it support impeachment. And he's coming under attack from Democrats and people who hate the president Including some Republicans eight the president. He's coming under attack for being a partisan hack When this guy he's leaving he has nothing to lose in the people who have become so dogmatic in their insistence that that orange man bad must go Easy they they're attacking will heard who is a natural ally for them. Ironically the president's supporters are also attacking will heard. They're attacking we'll heard because he had the audacity ready to say. The president did something wrong and that the president's foreign policies misguided this is a man caught in the middle of from two sides who hate his guts right now because he's unwilling unwilling to move to their positions because he thinks he's right and and I suspect will hurt is right on this. I want to play you. What will heard things about about impeachment right now? We we need to engage in the Field Hill testimony. She was pretty damaging for the president but not nearly damaging enough and she and David Holmes testified in the impeachment hearings. Yesterday was the last day of public impeachment testimony they did not scuttle The event they did not scuttle impeachment. They they did not cost the president his job with their testimony. You've got members of the media guys you got to do more than this but before we get any of that. I want you to listen to will hurt again congressman from Texas Willard. Thank Dr Hill Mr Holmes for your years of service to this country and I appreciate you all being here today throughout this process. I have said that I want to learn the facts so we can get to the truth. So why are we here because of two things that occurred during the president's July twenty fifth phone call along with Ukrainian Presidents Alinsky. The use of the phrase. Do us a favor. Though in reference to the two thousand sixteen presidential election and the mention of the word Biden I believe both statements were inappropriate misguided foreign policy. And it's certainly not how the executive current or in the future should handle such a call over the course of these hearings. The American people have learned about a series of events that in my view have undermined our national security and undercut Ukraine and a key partner on the frontlines against Russian aggression we've heard of. US officials carrying uncoordinated confusing and conflicting messages created doubt in uncertainty and cave at a time when a new reformist administration has just taken office and was ready to fight corruption and work with US advance.

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