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Noticed one. No I know the baby story at the lunch. Yes fishers one that Pat McCormick well all of them. You stay was a group of them. That would get together and they will try to outdo each other. John on atoms was army's army yeah this. They weren't even try out grocery. We just have a big dinner and Dana then when it was Pat McCormick's turn he had them on me that this place and he handed them all a paper bag with an apple and a sandwich in it a tuna sandwich and then they were saying like what the hell is this and then each one one was led onto a helicopter one after the other and they would have a hooker on the helicopter who would set the guys stick as the helicopter were circling his house. These guys knew enough to say no guys forever. You know wants you to come up with forget it for you heard. I one of them when they got home that night she the wife said so y you know. How was your night ghost you know okay and then then he says so? How was your night and she says he was already. Accept that this helicopter circling out I I sit there on the stern show one day and boom like according to six Kennison walked in with Pat McCormick wow and Jack Riley is that a rally and he was one of those Mount Rushmore on that same group mother fucker. I have no idea what happened. I have no idea it was so crazy. I'm sure it was the din the entire time. McCormack orrick was the size of a fuss. Yes wow don Adams. had a standup routine he did but I remember talking to Jonathan winters once he said what standup what what comedy clubs there wasn't any it was called interrupting. Somebody's dinner I think about it and it's like that's that's about the size of it but Donald Don Adams was running around back in those days. I think they play jazz clubs and stuff Bill Dana Road for them. Yeah Bill Dana Rhodesia he zak yeah and Donna Adams that voice that he always used for like the get smart voice and on the Bill Dana show he played house detective Byron Byron Glick Glick leading you know just because I was scared talking about brave he is he goes. You're on a for the past half hour. The district attorney's pair making a total ass of himself now. It's my turn ah I'm sorry it's not a scintillating as you would. I saw him I saw him when he was like in the throws throws you did you know he was at a recording studio and I think he was doing inspector gadget still and he no he was doing he had a game show or TV. Show Sitcom called check it out to restore right wow yeah yeah and I heard he made more from. Nat that that Sitcom which no one ever Solo had I forget Don Adam screen tests all that that bill yeah yes. I do a screen test. He wasn't a happy guy from what I know when I saw them like when it was near the end he his eyebrows were I bought black and you know the whole works that goes royalties are so weird. Leslie West said that Mississippi Queen was a huge huge show and whatever whatever rapper that was one of the first really big rappers sampled like a little Hong of Mississippi Queen and put it on his rap record. That was a huge huge seller unless they said the checks he gets for that far surpassed. The Czechs got from Mississippi quit. It's it's crazy. That's the van delays John Adams had that look of the real midlife crisis look where I had that horrible seventies guy trying to be hip not a hippie what about like a Tan and a members only yeah hair long must learn late Jakarta among just bled away thirty years built like Jack Carter did that yeah yeah yeah with the loves medallion off. Buddy love of peace love it you know the difference difference between men and women are around him. Jack Jimmy Carter no but the greatest Jack Carter story story was the first time I went to a friars roast. Bob Goldthwait. Was There Jacquard. Do you know that Jack Carter was sitting on the day isn't recent gold because in Los Angeles go me my age that Restaurant House waiting for this guy sitting there my car waiting for this guy to pull out of pull out of the parking spaces. I'm waiting and waiting and finally a guy pulls out in this guy's zooms in front of me. When I've been waiting for ten minutes God just just stole Dolla fucking guys license plate and he holds it up and he goes Carter. You want this even shot. I have no we had Jack Carter on Ren and stimpy he played this character named Wilbur Cobb this Old Guru of a cartoon animation guy you know they were sending up somebody I'm not sure but but jack was perfect because he he sounded like he was spitting eating up pieces of his breathing system and his wife came to pick them up and I said Boy Jack's Gut I mean his voice is so rich with I I don't know and I said it's like Snot or something. Thanks and she went nowadays. Get more snot in his his throat. Then my Jag number one demographic Graf we missed out on this show. We wanted them so desperately because he was so bitter and he had said yes. That's the worst part he said yes the doing it and then he died like the next day you know what he was very generous of spirit spirit he was because when I was working with them I was on tonight. Show one night and I wanted to do a Jay. Leno impression Jay shot me. Look you know I I started doing it and he showed me this look and it went right through my heart. I was like like crippled stunned. I didn't know what I was going to do and so I started doing the usual nonsense and and I came the next day and I said you know Jack. Carter was having lunch at this joint called Mirabella. It was near where we recorded. It was a an Italian restaurant and he held court there and I came in. What's the matter you'll pick your best friend and I said I just felt terrible being on the tonight show and you know trying to do something. I have no business being there but Jay didn't want me to do impressions Russian some him goes. You were held your own. You know I mean he saw it. He watches all that stuff. Bilko used to watch all that stuff. The newest comedy shows when they were when they were so out of fashion you know why don't they call me. Why don't they call me. I'm a funny guy. See that's all I can negotiate. GRANITE COLLEGES DOT COM freaking out if there was no girl admitted there was no girl that ever went to the gynecologist freaking out. She's a freaking out. I keep finding postage stamps Costa Rica and my vagina lady on postage stamps. Those are the stickers from bananas I love you so much. That's all I just love. You wind up toy. Oh Bill we had David McCallum here. We know your man from Uncle Guy. Yes good good guess McCallum. Have you met I. I think I did meet him once. We had him here. He was good. He was stern. He wasn't eating autumn in the cooking yeah in his eighties yeah. He's this British that was trying to be from Georgia Russia or something yeah yeah. It was was good. It was really good. He was good. Hey it was nothing else on TV. Look at first of all there were three channels three and a half chance yeah you could get channel twelve for for Manchester and it wasn't it wasn't a snowstorm Manchester New Hampshire and oh and channel ten from Providence Rhode Island and that was a snowstorm to but I would watch pixels. I didn't care as long as I could hear it. You know I was fine with it. Even old movies that you know Oh God what was that missile to the Moon mercy that one Gilbert it was like there was another picture that sorta emulated that called cat women on the moon. I don't know if it was Roger. CORMON or.

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