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And very effective weapon Fired from ground level the javelin first pops up and then dives down on the tank A man is dead after being shot at a gas station in southeast D.C. it happened Friday afternoon The interstation of Alabama and Pennsylvania avenues 60 year old Donald Henderson dunell Henderson I should say died at the scene D.C. police searching for a man who was last seen running down Pennsylvania avenue towards southern avenue wearing light gray clothing at a white T-shirt It is four 24 daylight saving time ghost guns are growing problem in our area and those guns can be made by parts bought online They are untraceable In Maryland the state Senate allowed a ban to advance it will be voted on next week After pushback from Republicans the prohibition to possess a ghost gun will be pushed back to march 1st of 2023 A different band that's advancing through the house would ban sales of ghost guns beginning in June of this year and banned their position from January 1st of next year The Maryland House has voted to enshrine the rights to an abortion in the state's constitution and approved a second bill that would broaden access to providers The house voted 93 42 on Friday for the constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights if the state Senate goes along voters would get the final say on the amendment in November The house also voted 89 47 for a separate bill to increase the number of qualified abortion providers in the state that measure would also remove legal restrictions that prevent nurse practitioners nurse midwives and physicians assistants for providing abortion services Money near the 25 and 55 in WTO daylight time is four 25 whose great Jarrett This is a Bloomberg money minute Surging oil prices and effects from Russia's war in Ukraine could slow the recovery of global airlines Former international air transport association's CEO Alexandre de juniac has always linked exogenous shock to airfares and shocks can come from various origins including the oil price but it depends on the airline European discount airline Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary tells Bloomberg they bought their oil for this year last year We've hedged our fuel were 80% hedged out to March 2023 at about $63 per barrel So we're in good shape DBS bank CIO waifu Ho says oil will stay higher for longer and hit more than just airlines We think inflation will stay higher for longer because of the disruption in the supply of oil The international air transportation association sees air passenger numbers exceeding pre COVID levels by 2024 even as the near term impact from Russia's war in Ukraine continues From the Bloomberg newsroom I'm Greg Jarrett on WTO Even though we are on daylight saving time now the weather remains quite wintry We'll bring you the latest on the weather Also the latest from the battlefield in Ukraine As morph missiles now reportedly falling near the western city of lviv It's four 26 daylight saving.

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