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Substitute teacher with an eight year. Old kia sorrento and a touch of psoriasis. Psoriasis incurable incurable be cured. It can be ameliorated by measures but guess what jaw she can pick up my extensive be plot about consolidating mike crushing medical debt with my pulverizing student loan. Debt do i pull it off barely and badly did. I'm sorry to tell you this put. But that was cut out too. Well i guess. The bond franchise really isn't interested in being modern. Just glad that at the very least no time to die and the weights should with james bond retiring from his job realizing state-sponsored espionage does more harm than good and retiring to raise his child with chasing but booted check but jake buddha. Buddha buddha cook am sorry premier. Did you know no i didn't i didn't go. I was arguing with my kaiser. Permanente representative about covering my bunion surgery. Why did seem alone. everybody. Maria bamford incredible. Come on now. It's time to end on a high note. Oh where is hannah who has some very exciting news. Hi this is hannah. i just got married. So this guy that's great with you would plan to do during the pandemic or before the pandemic during during and how long have you been together before the pandemic two years two years and then how soon into the men democ did you realize you were going to be one of the couples that made it. I next question. After seven years of blood sweat and tears of running a startup. we'll have our first year in the black whereas gen. And i understand that you make e cigarettes vcr cleaner. Congratulations thank you. That's cool say so did take a lot of hard work a couple of late nights one or two one or two late nights. Yeah when do you actually do. I try to help Newsrooms better listening pay attention to the public's information needs okay that's surprisingly well congrats. Let's do one more whereas erin Errand is obviously very important high note. And i'm very happy for you. Can you tell us What you've been through and what you wanna share. We have an eight month old daughter juniper and for the last week she's been really constipated she poop twice juniper poop twice and that's our show. Thank you detroit. Del alexis mosul. Ricky maria and everyone who to high note and special thanks to macy solar sail and aj warren. For making this week song there are three hundred and eighty days until the twenty twenty. Two midterm elections.

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