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To four flight attendants yeah i wanna see the cocktail carts to lavatories to potties you have to have to what if the pilots in there and he's really dropping the deuce you know you need you need you need to knows temperature would be three hundred seven degrees fahrenheit i would not want to be the ones that test that so very cool supersonic let's get to the next city there's a large study telling us to avoid swimming in rocha study out of university of exeter trying to people swim in the ocean have a higher risk contracting ear ailments and gi distress then non see baiters this largescale meta steady hypothesis pollution is a major factor in increasing swimmer susceptibility to get sick they looked at nineteenth studies totally over one hundred twenty thousand people from hiking countries including the us uk australia new zealand and they found that people that swam and seawater or he water had twice a chance of developing ear issues and ear infections and twenty nine percent higher chance of developing gi when compared to those who are not exposed to see what's because years ago that everybody potties of the ocean and so you're only getting that stuff in your mouth and i know there's high salt content but still so a lot of people like to be in the sea they think seawater and sea salt does you good but people are getting diarrhea stomach aches and maybe it's the pollution i think it's all the poop in motion animal poop so kind in january a team reported that regular surfers and coastal waters off the uk were three times more likely to have antibiotic resistant strain of e coli bacteria and that's the non surfers the city hypothesis at the surfers who has a group are known to swell large seawater the regular swimmers were regularly coming into contact with antibiotic resistant bacteria from a variety of runoff sources including farm crops treated with manure and sewage we have got to stop drinking ocean water so.

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