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Walk around it and a little bit. I know that Just six years later. Living in the house our i was walking under. That's amazing. I love thinking about what santa bell must have been like in one thousand nine hundred fifty two or fifty seven when you moved here. What's the biggest change in santa bell from then until now well you can probably go up today. And the biggest. That's traffic. yeah we had. Four ferries operating at peak season and those ferries could only bring right around two hundred twenty five cars over to the islanders day. That's all we could. That's all we could handle into the transportation system and look at it today. There are probably this. Week is the height of the Usually the height of the traffic. And maybe ten thousand cars a day. I'm just gonna get that. But i haven't seen any recent traffic cones and it's bumper to bumper chris lock at times and that's the primary reason why after living there for fifty years. We decided when we fully retired to move in town for my. We still have a traffic issues here but we don't have to leave here only occasionally so. Yeah yeah now. The santa bell national wildlife refuge. Which is job you had when you were living at the lighthouse. You're the number. Two person at the refuge was later. Renamed after ding. Darling was it the same size in nineteen fifty eight as his now. No no in nineteen fifty eight Rescued had a lease agreement with the coastguards. So we manage. They delayed house tract We had a lease with the state of florida for about two thousand acres whether mangled parts of the refuge are located with wildlife drive is and fish and wildlife service purchased the one hundred eighth ability track. We had a few small tracks that were under lease to that was the The boundary refuge of course back in those days Both tommy would the wreckage manager. I had both federal and state enforcement authorities so we included all of sound about to be part of the refuge because it was established in nineteen forty five and then in nineteen forty seven closure Closure order was established. Close all it sound a bell to the hunting taking of migratory birds so all of our surveys of birds. Mammals and fittings reptiles included olive. Sound about now when you go into the refuge now has been attitude since fifty but added to then darling passed away in nineteen sixty two and there was an effort. There was a local committee called jan. Ding darling memorial committee established with the goal of doing something to acknowledge the important input darling to saving the islands and all of his other work nationwide when he was director of the bureau of biological survey and the contributions he mate.

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