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That Celeski give Perry All right. The Lightning win the D Zone faceoff. Gord, one at Coleman clears important final four minutes in the first year. The Canadians have had very little going in the first, but now they got the spark from the goal at center ice Atari like and dumps it in the lost it by the just knocked it away from Evans. It looked like he was gonna have an open net. Just said always good row, right When Eric turn AC Sirnak rips it in. I stopped by the march on it to Romanov in the near corner of middle. Jake Evans. Amazing what confidence does for you. Here's Evans busting into the lightning zone, Left circle, centering feed in on Vasilevskiy knocks it away and plot grabs. Lot bounces for Brandon Point Point to center ice backhands it in Canadians look like a different team since the goal. Shea Weber winds the puck around the near side. We have a whistle here, he's going to call Evans and point to work I saw, Yeah. They were Evans wouldn't stop. It was at the blue line, and he pushes him and pushes them again on monetary Rafi. Interesting. They decided to call that Phil interference in Russian. That role point. Fascinating, Mr Handsome Daddy got to just quick enough away from Evans. Evans. One goal in the playoffs came into play in which he was injured against limping into an empty net, and he almost had another goal into an empty nap. At that time, it was Goalie on the ice. Yeah. Alright. So full on four hockey for the next two minutes, no point available for the lightning. China was thrown out of the draw against Cirelli. So Suzuki and Sara Lee to the left of Carey Price. One by the Lightning at the center point. Hedman CenterPoint circuits out shoots that hit a trough, draft tracks and right circle off his stick comes out of the zone. Hedman gathers in neutral ice left wing circuit, Kev. Back for Victor Hedman will drift by the Lightning network left wing circuit chat. And Alec comes to Anthony Cirelli.

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