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Things I've done for my own mental health Mmm um Oh by the way is actually you're right It was not my DVR but it was sports that saved me from chuck Todd This weekend Yes It was not in my DVR and I thought my DVR just made the decision on its own for me Well it's a smart deal But it was preempted All right but I was reminded of how drunk Larry I was reminded of how drunk Larry kudlow had to be to I thought this was he was talking to Jake tapper but apparently he was talking to Dana perino Right Which is called her chuck Todd That's crazy But also I said that he was so drunk I think he fell asleep in the middle of a one A one syllable word So he just called her Sure Okay Do we have it Thank you bob Real and his strategic place up there And they got a lot of valuable minerals I don't want to predict an outcome I'm just saying the president who knows a thing or two about buying real estate wants to take a look Low interest rates no inflation virtually no inflation checked out So I actually think it's a pretty good story and again let me echo my theme Let's not be afraid of some optimism Oh my God She didn't correct me She didn't That is fantastic And I thought it was good enough that he thought it was she told Jake tapper was chuck Todd What do you thought Dana perino All right cha cha Her bangs Actually and I love that there is no chuck talk That's not even if he were talking to chuck Todd It was not even pronounced correctly In kudlow's defense perino's banks could use some work Their aspirational They're also aspirational like chuck Tom Yes they are So narrow That was so drunk I can not say distended of Lee I mean I've fallen asleep but your name is two syllables When we used to drink together I would be like Joe Chugged her We will forever Shut down That's all True Tom Tucker Carlson We might have to isolate that one Come on come on Isn't that what Billy told mcallister died up on to Tom ridge Wow.

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