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Honda, not a Christiane for the first time this college football season number 21 Liberty. Loses. It was North Carolina State who edged the flames 15 to 14. Tonight. Down in Raleigh, Liberty was able to orchestrate an offensive drive, starting at their own eight with less than five minutes to play that advanced into field goal range. But NC state blocked be potentially game winning field goal attempt. For the first time since joining the Big 10. Rutgers is in an overtime game Now the Scarlet Knights trailed late 35 to 27, a scored a touchdown against Michigan with less than a minute to play in Piscataway. Then Rutgers converted the game tying two point conversion, so the game goes to overtime in the first OT. Both teams missed their respective field goal opportunities. So we are on toe, OT Number two in New Jersey still tied at 35 earlier, it was Yuba all over Abilene, Christian 55 to 15. Pittsburgh dominated Virginia Tech 47 to 14 Tomorrow. The Washington football team is a 1.5 point favorite against the Cincinnati Bengals. Does a one o'clock kick off at FedEx Field? Also it one Baltimore Ravens hosting the Tennessee Titans at M and T Bank Stadium. The Ravens six point favorites. I'm Christiane w T o P. Sports Thank you. Chris coming up after traffic and weather help may be on the way from Montgomery County residents feeling the economic pain of the pandemic. It's 11 46. Your.

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