John Mcdevitt, Mitch Mcconnell, The House discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1642 - David Dayen: Still An Uphill Push for Deathcare & Are the Democrats Getting it?


To uh success now the other question news weather uh the the those on the rights who had been kind of we wary of uh something like the house bill will uh move forward on a people like rand paul uh or mike lee uh if they decide at the end of the process no this this is in to our liking than than they do uh but they're gonna course be squeezed in the same ways that that uh you know how learn capital squeeze so uh i it's it's certainly not over uh it's a question of whether there is a skinny repeal out there that everybody can agree on live with it's a question of whether senators are gonna be willing to give up their own authority and their own ability to actually uh street uh this this bill uh and there are questions about procedure and they're say questions about john mcdevitt our at that that seems to be the variables to me too as far as i can tell uh john mccain is the only real one i mean the others i mean i deduce earning stand um you know look mitch mcconnell must have a plan he must i mean he must have a plan because the downside of this is is that he has stretched out any long gated a massive massive loss right like i mean this is the if he thought at the end of this that he didn't have at least a a fighting chance like a significant chance and i guess sort of you know crossreference with how important it is to do this in terms of what they want to do after this uh it seems to me he would've just punted a long time ago but he's he's basically driving right towards uh you know the the uh the the the cliff and uh he must obviously think there's and ryan there you've been lyon keep in mind how much of this was being done on the fly i mean literally senators found out about this me repeal him yesterday from reporters.

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