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It is just about 5 18 year in Houston's morning news, all rights covered in the news. Obviously, each and every day latest covert strain, the one from the United Kingdom seems to really be making the rounds. Supposedly California. As their own strain. Of covered 19. How could that be? After being so locked down? How could that be happening? Clearly the lockdowns didn't make a whole heck of a lot of difference. Right? Dr. Nicole Sapphire on box gives us an update on new covered strains. They one coming from the U. K B. 117 is increasing in prevalence specifically in Florida and Southern California, also along the Northeast, as well. Of course, we know that this is more transmissible. So therefore we have our researchers and laboratory specialists who are looking for this now in doing that genetic seeking thing, they found one in Southern California, which they call B 1426, and they think And it may have originated in California and similar to be 117. They suggest that it may be more transmissible, maybe more easily aerosolized, which really heightens the need for good quality mask. And as we have all been hearing, that is why people are calling for people to be wearing more high quality mass. Not those Gators, not single cloth mask. We really need people to be wearing good quality mass. If these virus variants are more easily transmissible one piece of good news that I can tell you be 117 and likely be 14 to 6 do seem to have cross reactive immunity from prior infection to the original source Cov, too, So if you've already had covert 19, or you've had the vaccine, it's likely that it's gonna confirm unity to these variants. However, because more easily transmitted, we may be seeing some regional outbreaks in areas that Have not had higher prevalence of infections over the last year. All right, well, there you go. That's where we're at. Right now. More screens were coming. And of course, the big question is, Can we get the vaccine to enough people? Before one of those strains. Becomes immune. Is there some point together? Think it probably will happen. Happens with the flu. 5 20 time for traffic.

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