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I'm abc six meteorologist jim get all a cold front coming into the area this afternoon some brief showers with a gusty winds bought forty eight clearing tonight but colder thirty two degrees and tomorrow more sunshine dry for tricker traders but only forty seven in the afternoon cloudy and 38 the sporting at your severe weather station news radio 610 wtvn charges against president trump's one time campaign chairman of the rusher probe or being unveiled paul manafort was indicted today on charges including conspiracy money laundering and more and we'll have more just ahead abc news as for russia meddling in us elections ohio republican senator rob portman told nbc's meet the press that's been going on for years i did a long before donald trump they're going to do a long after donald couple we don't do something about it so when you get to the bottom of it we need to go where the facts latest abc news i'm cheri preston uh guilty plea from one of those charged by the special counsel investigating russian meddling in last year's election former trump campaign foreign policy advisor george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents who were investigating russia's interference in the 2016 election the agents had come calling one week after president trump's inauguration to ask pop a dopoulos about his contact with a certain londonbased professor at the time he downplayed the professors significance but in truth court records said papadopoulos new the professor had substantial connections to russian government officials and was trying to arrange a meeting with the trump campaign aaron katersky abc news new york published quote plea came shortly after former trump campaign chairman paul manafort showed up to face at twelve count indictment that includes money laundering charges and allegations he failed to register as a foreign agent abc news political director recline says there are indictments but still a lot of questions that or have a story to tell the prosecutors now facing criminal charges others all trump move into to issue according to someone close above the tuesday may major moment and brings scandal outside the realm of un dough and just words into actual actions taken by the special alkyl actual potential criminal charges and president trump has tweeted quote sorry but this is years ago before paul manafort was part of.

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