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And I really liked that analogy because like, yeah, that's it's we think of it. And they are artists we call the artists. It's that's weird idea because it's such a singular personal artform. But then it's clearly people, you know, the lines are no longer there the collaboration the Cobb colaboration. It's same word enough. And it just seems weird the collaborations that were sort of before the nineties that and this is a tangent. This isn't part of our notes, the ones that I remember as being like big hits were usually kind of unique moments like, you know, Barbara, Streisand and Neil diamond doing you don't bring me flowers which in itself, never meant. It wasn't meant to be duet in the first place. It was a fabricated duet where radio station took to existing solo recordings of the song by Barbara and Neil mash them up it's hard to plane, and then Neil and not be something. I did not know that you didn't did not know that. I'm sure I've said it before on the show. Barbara would Jason co host. Barbara and Neil both had their own celebrations of you. Don't bring me flowers on two separate studio albums Lau. And and they were both in the same like tempo oklahom-, basically. And so a radio station. DJ took them took the two songs splice them together to create a virtual duet and started playing it. And then he started giving out copies of the song to other radio stations. And it became this sort of this weird regional national hit. Then the record label started to notice what was going on. And they're like, okay. Maybe we should just properly record this together. So Neil and Barbara got to the studio and did the song. And then it became a huge number one hot one hundred hit now. But back in the day something like that was of an event Donna summer and Barbra Streisand doing no Martinez enough is enough is a big deal. You know, when you know, it was just unusual, and it would you have to be very unique circumstance for a duet like that to happen between two megastars and now in total forty three out of the year end top. One hundred hot one hundred songs are collaborations. Thanks for bringing it all back there. It's my math survey. There's been at least one collaboration in the year end hot one hundred top ten every year since nineteen ninety four and you may be wondering what was the first collaborative effort to reach the year end top ten on during that would be Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra's father daughter duet of something stupid, which was the number seven song of nineteen sixty seven. Did it Robbie Williams? Do that with Kylie Minogue your girl, Kylie? No, the Nicole Kidman, coal Kidman, Nicole Kidman. Yeah. He he also did to do with Kylie. That was a love song is a great. Well, lastly, we thought we take a look at some of the interesting similarly named titles that charted on the billboard hot one hundred songs chart this year. Okay. So we're thinking like, you know, Z fi fi KiKi tot. He by the way. All those are the four letter song titles. All of them are in all caps, all capital letters, and each of them have kind of a consonant vowel consonant vowel. Yeah. So Z easy. E F F E K E K E T A T. I yes. And then we also have to give an honorable mention to the chorus of Drake's in my feelings where he shot it out key. Yeah. I feel like I also also should mention that your colleagues dander wrote a great article about Kodak blacks as easy being the highest charting Z song ever as the billboard hot. One hunt z z top when you need them. Another was I like it, of course, Cardi B. I love it. I lived it it, I miss, you know, it's like it's almost like a country song there and just four song titles. Like it. I love it. I want some more of it. I like it. I love it. I miss you. And I lived at. Let's not let's not forget no brainer. No excuses. No mistakes. No name, no roots. And no stylist. Of course, what a time to be alive. Key system. Weird weird year. We'll twenty nineteen bring. I dunno..

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