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Everybody can hear all three hours at once live so just want to know and my intent is that every hour be truly significant was, I feel, I have failed. Hi, I'm going over the debate last night. Among democratic nominees, or people wanna be nominees for president of the United States soon, extremely depressing evening for those who cherish truth. Drove cherish America. It was an astonishing. Display of demagoguery. That's all it was. It was it was empty of all substance. Whatever substance. There was was implied, and it was frightening like open borders. Like a complete restructuring of capitalism and the dismantling of capitalism. Massive government confiscation of property and, and wealth. I it's it was the implications were astonishing. Anyway, I've gone over some with you. And I'm going to continue right now. What are we up to here? Oh, yes, it was amazing to last one savannah. Guthrie. Who, by the way, she asked if she was the serious, one among all of them, she asked actual questions of them. Do you support a seventy percent of the visual merchandiser tax rate, yes? Or no or pass aerobic. I would support a tax rate affects code. That is fair to everyone. Of tennis. Donna Shing thing. Wouldn't even answer the question. None of them answered that question. Okay. Let's go to Cory Booker, and six. This is actually an economy. That's hurting small businesses and not allowing them to compete. Really?.

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