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I mean at one point Argos went a way disproportionate share of war. I know you've been accused of sort of cheating systems. Say they hired it after physicists to figure out the odds speakers will win the right there were like five years in Ronin one in one point zero four eight million. But. Hired. I, I took statistics according to the, the people that said that there's, like sixteen agents which I don't think there is. But also, if you say one sixteen times five times it's one point zero four eight million. But, but also when you do statistics is Latin phrase set of his Perez. All other things remaining equal the agents are not equal to girls equal Deschutes equal. So, you know, exit we try a plan out we try to get the better girls in the better shoots the ones that are kind of being shot for the awards and showcases and this and that it's like not to book jobs. It's kind of overall plan and I mean you have the power to sort of market, the girls in a sense, like. Doing that. Kind of survey could never really account for the fact that you are a person who has taste, and you're going out of your way and you're doing it exactly how you want it to be done. It's not like this is some randomized thing. Because of the fact that, you know, I don't need the money and the girls knowing that will show up on time, like if, you know, wicked or some big companies doing a feature movie that they wanna three words, they'll tend to hire goes will known, but they also will hire because they know that will show up, you know, we have a feature and usually are the first on the call sheet because they don't want. Everybody get behind run weight and stuff so alive goes get in there because they're good. But also because they're really reliable have only had three goes ever flake on shoot, right? That's amazing. I had also remember when by about answering the phone all the time when she started that lights phone twenty four hours a day, every she, like multitude she got food poisoning, and she text me four forty five in the morning, and she was surprised called a right back and then replace it in the movie, but the companies appreciate the dedication, right. Do you see yourself doing this, and so you Croker winning to stop? I mean, sometimes it's psychologically, it helps the fact that I know that I don't have to do this, right. Yeah, I could stop tomorrow. But if you can't do nothing but yeah. Mean people like? Retire. But. That was fun. Sometimes. Also, you know, I'm responsible for all these girls. Right. Their lives and their livelihood. And it's more just jobs. They're calling me. Boyfriend problems. This one now one and you know kinda crap like all all the time doesn't council when you find out that a girl got a boyfriend depends. Yeah. Ninety percent time. It's terror. It was a guy like me you're like, okay class act. Well, I'm into it. I have much you support the. I mean that really support the girls in. If my girlfriend was one of your girls, you would never have complain about me. I don't think I might have a complaint fucking Dicks way friends that you are sitting at home smoking waiting playing video games, all day. Well, that's pretty much. Got out of the house today, just today. Those. But no, I'm it's. It also autumn really know nothing about the business never giving them advice all the time. I think you should never really they're always going to be like, I don't want you getting gaming, they more right? Eventually. It's not a game to club. Beijing. Man. Yeah. So, so you see, you don't have any particular things that you're working on outside of what you are mastering right now. You're just you're very interesting where you are guy who just seems very content to have completed a level of mastery with one side of your business, and that you're just content with, and you're gonna continue to be the man in that field. Yeah. I mean I, I'm glad that we're cut at the top of the the field and like even other agents like said we wanna be like you. I know that I.

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