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That I'm hoping that we see Adam Cole walkout and XT champion. You know, I think it would be heartbreaking for Johnny Gargano. But I think we could use a little more Johnny Gargano. Heartbreak. And I think if anybody is going to hand Johnny Gargano heartbreak, and it's not to Moscow ciampa. Adam Cole is your guy to do it. This is your opportunity to Moscow ciampa is not on the active roster anymore. Tomasz Moscow ciampa is not on the active roster that leaves an opening and that opening should be filled by the undisputed era. Now is the time where you can finally show the undisputed era. To be that unstoppable. Team that we've wanted him to be this whole time will it happen. I don't know. But that's what I got to say about that. Either way, regardless of what the results are. It's going to be an incredible show. You know, I could easily see it being one of if not the best takeovers. Ever. But it will certainly. Yeah. I I don't see how any take over this year's going to top this one just look at the lineup. It's incredible incredible day Q triple h speaking at triple h let's move on. To the number one story the week wrestlemainia. Now, we went through most of the matches last week with Katie Lennon doll, we don't have to rehash every single match. But we did learn some things this week. First of all a fifteenth match was added to the show, and that is the use does defending the smackdown tag team championships at the order of Alexa, bliss. They're defending their championship against ricochet and Alastair black the bar and Shinsegei nakimora in Roussev. Look I've said at one thousand times do use those of the best tag team in the last decade. I think that wrestlemainia is the night that the social dominance over every team stacked. The odds against him and show the world that the use os are an unstoppable duo. We also we learned that the two battle royals once again this year. We'll go down on the kickoff show. Now, that's not shocking. I believed I talked about it on the podcast last week. My guest was that they would at least put the bronze Stroman battle Royal on the kickoff show, and the reason. For that is the second hour the kickoff show, which starts at six PM eastern is going to be on the USA network. Right. So you've now got the second hour that kickoff show on the WWE network on the USA network on all forms of WWE's social media on the WWE's YouTube channel, there's no doubt that in terms of live viewers. There will be more is on the second hour of the kick-off show, then any hour of wrestlemainia that happens on Sunday night. So that's why I figured they would wanna show the world, especially because you know, the stuff going on with Michael Chang, Colin Jost. It's a nice little boost for publicity, but it's not exactly essential to any storyline. So if you're gonna show the world, Michael J, and Colin Joe's doing something ridiculous. Same way, they did when when gronk showed his face in the in the Andre the giant memorial battle Royal in Orlando wrestlemainia, you put it on the pre show. So you can get all the is on it. Plus that way, it's happening early by seven.

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