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Them as well as all wait and see then I bring shall be up on talk about the NFL we don't know we don't know where it's going to be at in two weeks where it's gonna be a June first June fifteenth for the July weekend I I I really think by the middle of June about a month five weeks from now give or take well we'll have a good barometer engage on the return of pro sports end of the college football season will happen and they'll start camp in early August late July I agree with you but I also think that that's gonna bleed into every other facet of our lives I think you're going to see people going back to your local restaurants and bars that you left with and in helping and supporting all the staff that all those places and work in those places I think that at some point America is going to look at each other and say you know what I gotta go I just got I got to go back to my life and and it I mean if there's gonna be problems in the future again on I'm not a medical person to answer that but you know it some point America's gonna want to go back to what we did in love so much and the state Harmon and not go out and live the lives we did before there's just too much desire to go back and do that and so I'm ready to do it I'm I want to get out of support everybody that that I possibly can went when the green light is given you know I that's the guy that went out to you the whole time with my family but I'm planning on it this is not allowed to do you help people but I want to play my part in the state of Michigan to get this thing going again and I hope everybody else that can do that is ready to do the same thing Hey man Doug scheme former Michigan offense of lime and does a great job breaking down Michigan football Chris balance in the team for the Wolverines come join us on the side of the state Doug be safer and I look for we can sit down and do an interview face to face my friend okay thank you both have a great one the king his coat on there really is I'll I love I love people who disagree with me on air mostly would say all you disagree with him I love it I love honesty I do that's why I love Superfly Hayes executive producer on the way Jim Gaborone's pharma dot com Mel Tucker Michigan state football he's tearing it up they'll face to face visits just zoom in right through high schools across America we'll get the latest on Spartan football and basketball next from comp from Spartan mag dot com Friday full service in here from our good friends at your local auto value service location not been communicating with our friends over at all the value their a local Michigan based company right here in grand rapids service into your state and beyond they've been long time supporters of the huge show they continue to.

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