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Go like he'll Amigo hey and we're. Recurring thing, but for some reason he keeps getting in east events. And that happens by the way I did a Gig not long ago where the opener was a forty I swear, it was a forty five minute video about homelessness, and it had all these very heartbreaking like people that are sick and people that are and then they win ladies and Gentlemen Pete Holmes, and you think that's a joke, and it's not a joke. And you try and make a joke about it, and no one's on your side. No like yeah must be hard to do who? My friends one year performed Tom Lennon and Ben Grant from Reno nine one one. They presented at the Eisner Awards San Diego Comic Con, and they had to follow the death montage of all the people that they had lost. Not only not only did they do the death montage, which would have been bad enough. The woman reading it read the person that died and then read what they died from. Each. Stand Smith Cardiac embolism seven. Like twenty minutes and then offstage, Oh and now from Reno nine one one. And Ben Durant and the music would. Like making it fun, and the audience was like. Aw, you like. It was. Unbelievable we would do stuff like that on crashing and I was like this is important because it happens. I swear all the time all. There was a place one of the part of the. Now Ladies and gentlemen, the comedy blink a patch comes from. We did a he and I did a Gig to. In pleasanton California a place called the sunshine sleman. which is this notoriously horrible one nighter that you still did because you needed the seventy dollars? But they will miss gas. Yeah, they. Would, they were notorious for will. You would go there and there'd be some big sporting event going on on their big screen, TV, but the show started at eight matter what was going to game? They would switch it off and go all right. Let's get ready for. The whole audience was like. Bureau and then they made you go up because you're like the comedy show starts sedate. I and. I'm happy for us to start this. Two hours late as long as the game in that connects. You know what I mean like I will happily stay here and wait like show start. It was almost like this. ASPER agree like our show starts at eight o'clock like no. Awareness of how the crowd is feeling or I saw them. No, I didn't see them, but Blaine claims that he saw them switch it off when the guy was like, he's on the thirty. He's on the quality of I got click all right ladies. In. Yeah Rudolph. That's has back to what you were saying about all comedy. What did more than props or like a you know? A guitar with a brought in the anxiety induced level of awareness that people like you and I have for life. That's all it did. It gave accolades because angry dad's drunks. All this stuff is why we became comedians. Let's not incite the weird parents before we had the dinner show. Me Growing up going wait for them to have a cocktail before you. Buy. Nine is what made me a comedian. Get. Oh, I love it. I love it. I I have to hop off I. Know You do so sorry. Pete I know you do thank you. I was GONNA. Say this was like condensed milk. It's all good. If I was like look, we have an hour. I want a moment of heart I want great stories I want great bits. You did it and I I was I. don't know I moved to say this. I'm like you're one of the good gear, the good guy of so happy for you killing it I'm proud. I know it's weird for me to be proud because I'm a freshman year senior, but I'm proud. And you kill an and you're you are you are far beyond the point, my friend? Well we're both like nine years I'm a senior in your tenure or yes, there you go. That's the way to put it all right God. Love you. Would you say keep it crispy? It's how we end, you say. Hey. Keep it crispy. You. Good luck with the rest of your press patent and Everything is out on May. Tuesday may nineteenth on Netflix there. It is baby all right, thank you, pat and thanks for taking the time. See you fight. Or so crispy I'm so crispy..

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