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If the us is going to withdraw from the deal if europeans are not going to implement their commitments and violate the deal if the five plus one they cannot deliver the commitments it is really justified for iran to depart from the deal because the deal cannot be implemented unilaterally from the iranian side and this is not realistic to expect iran unilaterally to implement the deal so sane moussavian on hardtalk after the news this is the bbc news hello i'm jonathan izod the malaysian politician anwar ibrahim has declared a new dorm for his country after being released from prison he'd been jailed for a second time three years ago on what he said what trumped up charges of sodomy he was pardoned following a shock election victory for the coalition backed by mr anwar and his former mentor and rival mahanta mohammed this report from jonathan head abraham is already been meeting the king inside the palace that's extrordinary to the king even wanted to see him i'm just thinking about it this man was convicted prisoner officially a criminal justice here hours ago obviously his partnership with mahatma muhammad is getting to be the key to how malaysia moves forward now these four my friends then rivals now allies again going to have to work out how they transform this country in all sorts of ways how they make the judiciary independent again how they may business cleaner how they make politics more fair and more competitive it's a huge task north korea has come down to the next month plans summit its leader kim jong un and president trump pyongyang threatened cancel the talks if washington kept pressing for it to give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally laura bicker assesses the north korean reaction maybe feel that they're making all the concessions and get nothing in return also i've noticed over the last few weeks that the state media releases have been growing rather edited by the idea that president trump is boasting that they've brought chairman ken to the table they will feel in north korea that chairman kim is coming from a position of strength so there's a huge gap in what north korea believes the us believes at the moment and they're only a few weeks to go before the two leaders meet police in indonesia have shot dead four men who attacked the police headquarters on the island.

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