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William burns a veteran diplomat to kabul to meet secretly with taliban leader abdul ghani bara dr and discussed the us evacuation efforts and biden's intention to prevent terror cells from operating in afghanistan after the us leaves according to a us official familiar with the meeting. The meeting was first reported by the washington post while thousands of americans have already left the country. The administration hasn't specified the number that still remain and with biden saying he will only extend the august thirty first deadline for a full withdrawal if the evacuation is not complete. They now have just seven days to get the rest of the americans out of afghanistan. It's a major test for an administration still reeling from the talibans. Speedy takeover and the stakes are enormous. Biden's ham fisted handling of the withdrawal has already undermined. Us credibility with allies now. Thousands of american lives could hang in the balance and the success or failure and getting them out will shape how biden's presidency is remembered the key right now for president biden in order to get beyond the chaos of the withdrawal decision is to be able to complete the evacuation of all of the us citizens and afghans that we promised to evacuate says leon panetta who served as secretary of defense and cia director under president barack obama. If we fail in that commitment. I think it will further undercut our credibility. The administration has been working overtime to ensure it doesn't since august fourteenth. Seventy thousand people have been evacuated from afghanistan. Biden said on tuesday. The pentagon told reporters that as of august twenty third. Four thousand american passport-holders have been evacuated. The administration has also asked six airlines to supply eighteen aircraft for additional assistance. The goal biden said on august twentieth is to ensure any american. Who wants to get home will get home. But there are complex challenges to fulfilling that objective the biden administration doesn't know how many americans are currently left in afghanistan wanting to be evacuated. Americans are asked to voluntarily register their contacts and whereabouts with the us embassy when they arrive in afghanistan but many don't addition there's no requirement that americans notified the embassy when they depart the country leaving the state department's database clogged with contacts for americans who may have already gotten out. This is a dynamic number. white house. Spokeswoman jen psaki said tuesday about the number of americans who need to be evacuated. We're working our by our to refine and make it precise. The.

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