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I remember. Monday's. So you bring the game with you to higher platforms, and that's important too. We're all on the same wavelength right now. Because I love when I get to see Maria doing the the baseline walk with Jay Bill isn't. And I was just like. But you, you know, it's interesting that you talk about the product on the floor though because you've seen we've all seen women's basketball evolves. So much over the over the last few years over the last two years, I can say to me the game of women's basketball has changed so much and like would you especially looking at the teams who are in the tournament right now? What can you specifically, you know, point out to as to what's making the game? So great and so different. And how changing over the last couple of years? I think people always mine to are they at least want to point to parody like this idea that every time teams tick the court, you know, that there could be a potential upset. So the same way that you know, if you watch Duke men basketball play Michigan state like yeah. That that Michigan say now in the final four because there was a chance that they could be the better team on that day. And so I think there were times when we always knew even if you know, Connecticut showed up and played their worst game. They were still gonna they were still going to steamroll. And that is no longer the case. That's what makes it so much fun. And like I enjoy it even for the players like fighting and battling through it. And I think to just like the way that the games have ended. You know, we had their nothing will ever top our final four from a season ago. Like, I just can't even see it happening. I hope it does. But I can't see it happening and people are really tuned in and enjoying it the way that we see Oregon playing basketball. I think Rebecca Lobo described it as the Golden State Warriors. I mean. Yeah. Because they're not in down threes at a forty percent clip in one through four can shoot the three like they're changing the game woman basketball. And maybe they'll be more teams. That are like, yeah. That's how we win championships. And that's what we're gonna do. We've got everything from these amazing Biggs and Meghan Gustafsen that can make every single shot hook shot turn left. Turn. Right. You know, shoes the jumper at the top of the key. Just very well rounded, good basketball. And I think we saw that reflected this season, particularly from first round all the way through you know, like endeavor seemed like there was a drop off. Marie. I know that you're at Tampa right now, which will be exciting fancy just to hear that people are already moving in that direction. So you start your work early. And you guys do a ton of things we see what you're doing it studio. But you're required to do all kinds of sports center heads and just all kinds of things to promote the game while you're there just give us some insight into what this week is really like. And then we've that's happening when our Rica Google wallet's hitting that shot like what is it like as you guys are watching that ready to come back on? And you've got all that energy. Just give us a just give us some of the inside of what happens this weekend with your studio during the final four. Sure, I mean, first of all during that shot. We were just like we went nuts. I wish we had a spy Cam up here. Beca and here, it was the same thing, except we're like jumping around because we have so much space. You know what I mean to move. We got to do that to nights in a row and then yes immediate like get on. You don't set, you know, 'cause we're thinking oh overtime something. Whatever no turn around turn the lights on everyone, hops onset. Now, we're in post game show mode and everyone gets thoughts together. So it happens really really quick and live TV. But I'll say inside the studio. I mean the week one. We're there from eleven AM when that first game tips off until the last game tips at eleven PM, you know, on the west coast, and we are I'm people know that we're doing halftime for every single game. So weak want around one the very first day..

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