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See, I'm sorry. I didn't mean I was going to scratch him Bonnie. I'm sorry. It was joking. I don't actually scratch his belly. It's all about very jealous. Mmm um. All right, listen, Paula poundstone has to chime in on the most important issues of the day and where is that where that damn clip came from? Now we live in general. Well, we learned yesterday. It's not from role models. It sounds like Alison. It's John waterweed on court. Oh, bitch. Please. Take your line of bull down to the corner market and sell it there because this 5 and dime is a buy in your line today. Paula poundstone said dear Stephanie Miller show talent. I heard you were still looking for the origin of take your down to the 5 and dime clip. I already told you where that came from and be set it to Otis in a rare fit of peak on the end of Griffith show. Stop looking. All Palestine. Yeah. I think it sounds like a palace in Janney. Take your wonderful. Opie. Why does the Paula pound stone empty did not drop an F bomb and an S bomb on the Andy Griffith show? Oh, you never know. Why does it sound like the queen having a stroke? Catherine Hepburn. Hippie worked blue. Andy. Pies done. She had to work with kids. Of course she got to work blue. Right? I bet behind the scenes she was a potty mouth. I'm sure. If uncle Jim, we're still around, I would ask. Very pies ready. It's working blue and blueberry there you go. Yeah, we got it. Yeah. That was good. That was good. Thank you. Thank you, sticky. Stinky. Okay, 47 minutes after the hour, this portion of the show. Brought to you by my Bomba socks. I'm wearing mine. I know me too, right? Marina wool. Oh? 'cause it's been cold for LA. I know. Marina won't pima cotton, even cashmere. They're made from the softest materials. Their socks and t-shirts and underwear. They're the clothes you can't wait to put on every day. And there's a sock, a well constructed stock. I'm telling you with no seams, art supports, stay up technology for every activity you

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