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A news radio state of sports with Mike Rice. I know the chiefs are on the docket next, but looking back over the new England went in some of the things that the Broncos can clean up. Guy's head coach Vic Fangio said yesterday. He thought Drew lock played pretty well. The defense played really well. How about what shall be, Harris continues to do up front. He batted down two more passes on Sunday, coach Fangio said. Harris has an incredible ability to do that is really good at you know, he's probably probably the best I've been around on dirt regarded I think that thing would shall be, too is he's playing a lot better, too. This year is overall game is better When your overall game is better. You're going to get more opportunities to bats and balls. Yesterday's batted ball that we got the interception on with day, Shawn. You know, I was a great rush. Five times about balls or guys that are stuck on the line, but he had a great rush going really affected that play. I think he's come back to camp in the best shape that he's been in a long, long time. His weight is down, and it's really been reflected in this play. The Broncos will get Draymond Jones and Marcus Walker back on the practice field this week. They could play Sunday against Casey. There's a chance No a fan age. A boy and KJ handler could practice this week to Broncos and cheese coverage starts Sunday morning at eight on Leon Ko. A kickoff it to 25 the Chiefs over the Bills. 26 17. Kansas City is five and one They were in the ball. 46 times. Clyde Edwards, Hilaire rushed for 161 yards, Also last night cardinals over the Cowboys 38 10 in Dallas, the world Siri's will start tonight between the Dodgers and Ray's Game one is set for 609 mountain time. The best hockey announcer is calling it a career. Mike Doc Emmerich is retiring after about 50 years associated with the league he called 22 Stanley Cup finals. Nathan MacKinnon has this game into a tie. That's Emmerich.

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