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And along the lakefront downtown it's 29° heading to a high of 42. Details ahead in the AccuWeather 5 day forecast coming up in about 5 minutes at 7 15. At 7 ten our top local story on news radio wbm criminal charges are being filed against a 61 year old woman accused of stabbing a dog on Monday afternoon on the northwest side. The story from WB M's Mike trouser. A 15 year old girl was walking her family's chihuahua named Bibi on Monday afternoon on the 6600 block of west Irving park road when police say she was approached by jeannette olivo. Police say the woman spoke briefly with the girl and without warning or provocation a levo stabbed the dog. The girl tried to get away, a levo according to police followed and stabbed the dog again. She was pulled away by a man who was present and was arrested soon after. Olivo, who has a criminal background that includes battery and aggravated assault, is charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon she has a January 4th court date in Skokie. The dog survived he's had one surgery, the gerudo stray rescue foundation has been raising money to help with vet bills That's the story from the northwest side. Oak Park police are investigating a shooting last night that left a man dead. A release from the village of Oak Park says police were called to 14 Chicago avenue because gunshots had been fired around 8 30 last night, when officers arrived, they found a man identified as Dennis Johnson of Chicago in the back of the facility, said by Google Maps to be a laundromat. Johnson had been shot multiple times and was taken to a hospital where he died, police do not yet have any suspects, but they do believe Johnson was the target of the shooter or shooters. Oak Park police say they do not believe there is an active threat in the community. Burning to foia one O 5 9 double BBM. As you heard on the CBS world news roundup, hundreds of flights are again canceled this morning in midway airport where Southwest Airlines is the major operator at last report 234 flights have been canceled at midway nearly all of them Southwest flights at O'Hare, 52 flights have been canceled where Southwest has limited service. Federal investigators have released a preliminary report about the crash of a small plane last month near an airport in mchenry county. The airport was owned by the man who was flying the plane and it was killed in the crash. Investigators from the national transportation safety board say 75 year old Claude Sunday of bull valley took off from gold airport on November 25th in a single engine acrobatic plane. A preliminary report shows he made a couple of acrobatic maneuvers and flew a bit more before turning to return to the airport investigators say another pilot who was also approaching gold airport saw a Sunday's plane noticed it was going faster than his and contacted Sunday, who acknowledged him, according to the NTSB report, the other pilot decided to make a touch and go landing at the airport to make sure there was enough room for Sunday to land safely. Investigators say a witness saw Sunday's plane approaching the airport before it hit 30 to 40 trees as it crashed about a quarter mile from the airport, investigators say it does not appear the crash was caused by a mechanical problem or a bird strike the final report on the crash including the probable cause might take as long as two years to complete. Jim goodis one O 5 9. The nonprofit group that puts on the 4th of July events in Evanston says it needs financial help, Evanston now reports, even though this year's shooting in highland park led to the cancellation of Evanston's events, all the vendors and others still had to be paid. The group is also asking for volunteers to step forward to help with the event because of the cancellation of traditional events over the past two years as quote decimated the volunteer team. Talk about a 60° temperature swing over the course of a week, could see the 50s by tomorrow, the details and the 5 day forecast to Mackey weather next, hit 7 13. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Hatfield classic cut applewood smoked bacon

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