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Stacey Abrams, Abrahams, Brian Kemp discussed on The United States of Anxiety


Stacey Abrams is running neck and neck with Republican candidate Brian Kemp. They're vying for an open seat, and there are not enough additives to explain how epic this race has become Kemp is in just about every way Abrams is polar opposite a deep conservative who won an upset victory in the primary by proving just how Trumpy he can be in two things. If you go on date, one of my daughters respect and a healthy appreciation for the second amendment, sir. Yes. That is a shotgun. Clicking in the background. He's been waving it in the direction of the kid who wants to date his daughter. The lead story of this race has been voting rights. There are so many concerns about Republicans suppressing votes in Georgia. The Kip has become a late night. TV punchline many years after all this sitting secretary of state come on guys really the guy in charge of the election is also running the election. That is something African level shit right there. But Stacey Abrams and Brian. Kemp have actually been fighting over voting rights for a long time really Abrams is whole campaign is rooted in voting rights work. She started an organization back in two thousand thirteen that's been credited with registering tens of thousands of new voters and not just in Atlanta. Georgia is a sprawling mostly rural state with a lot of counties only, Texas has more and Abrahams wants to put all of them in play. And that's what's really knew about her. Democrats do not usually go running around rural Georgia. The typical strategy goes something like this you run up the vote in big cities where there are lots of reliably democratic black voters, and then you feel the kind of candidate who appeals to less reliably democratic wealthy white voters in the excerpts of the cities. That was quite a morning, I write with Abrahams as she heads to the next stop on her early voting tour, and she describes what she thinks this typical democratic strategy is just self-defeating. You miss people who were supporting you until they saw that you didn't care about her own strategy is simple go after every vote. You can get everywhere. You can find them. What I mean is that clay county may have fifteen people who haven't voted before. But if I can get them engaged, then they decide they want to vote. They get added to five thousand folks in Clayton county who also have voted before. And I add them to fifteen to twenty thousand the cab county voters and over time what we do is develop the two hundred and fifty thousand votes weenie. And this is how she landed an upset victory in the democratic primary. She went one hundred and fifty three of the one hundred fifty nine counties, but I think what's really important is that so many Democrats have written off the south, Christina Greer is a Fordham university political scientist has been a focal Abram supporter, among Democrats nationally. She says the party at all levels has refused to invest and building meaningful statewide campaigns in the south, and you know, some of the research that I did down there when I was speaking to black voters. They kept reminding me Obama didn't win Georgia. You know, this is not going to be easy for Stacy. And somehow she's been able to do the work across the state to really change the minds of Democrats to help them believe that actually they can get the leadership that they want, and they shouldn't just seed it to their publicans just because it's a midterm year. Now to be clear. There's a good reason. Democrats haven't adopted this strategy before it's really really hard to pull off because in many of George. Counties democracy is up against some hard realities..

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Stacey Abrams, Abrahams, Brian Kemp discussed on The United States of Anxiety

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