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I believe the reason that the president's hesitated to call the national emergency an exercise unilateral power is that Republicans greatly fear the precedent. This would set for the future. They're well aware that at some point in the future possibly as soon as two thousand twenty one they will be a democratic president and for members of the legislative branch. Now, the senators the leadership on both sides to surrender the independ-. Indi- authority of the legislative branch of our government to say that a president can declare an emergency in any time under any circumstances and act as he wishes, I think I it would be obviously challenged in court. It would be difficult value could battle because there are a lot of competing values. But I think Republicans who generally fear and oppose and have made public careers out of opposition to government authority are quite reluctant, and thankfully, so for what would be I believe an inappropriate use of executive authority and an expansion of presidential power that could come back the haunt them in the country in the future. Senator we have just a minute left to go. And there's one last question about Northern Ireland. And I wanted to ask you because I don't know if you you saw this unless twenty four hours there was some reporting out of the UK that Prime Minister Theresa may, this has to do with BreX. Floated a trial balloon about adjusting the Good Friday agreement in order to get Brexit through the they've vehemently denied it since then, but just your view on Northern Ireland and the UK now just got thirty seconds or so to go here. Well, it's hard. I believe Brexit was a mistake, and it could cause enormous problems in Northern Ireland, and certainly in the Republic of Ireland if it goes through I hope very much that time remains for them to cake an action that would permit the United Kingdom to remain in some separate status. They've done it for Norway for Switzerland for other countries. There's no reason why they can't do it for the U K and that remains in my hope the outcome with no change in the current status of the border in Northern Ireland. Well, Senator George Mitchell democratic Senator from Maine from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety five and Senate majority leader from nineteen eighty nine to nineteen ninety five. And of course, he was the United States special on VoIP for Northern Ireland helped secure the Good Friday agreement in nineteen ninety eight. Who's also the United States special envoy for Middle East peace from two thousand nine to two thousand eleven Senator Mitchell, it's been a great pleasure to speak with you. Thank you. So very much. Thank you for having me back. Now, I Magnin trucker party. This is on point.

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